SMIFC: 2018 SMIFC Conference Proceedings


Some of the speakers have very kindly allowed us to share their presentations. For ease of viewing here some of the presentations have had their bullet point animations and timings removed.

Charles Bobrinskoy, Vice Chairman, Ariel Investments spoke on Chaos Theory and Investing - Is the Future Predictable? Can investment performance be predicted? Bobrinskoy examined two fundamentally different investment philosophies: Determinism and Chaos Theory.

The presentation is also available as a PDF file. Charles also demonstrated a double pendulum simulation. That file can be downloaded.This is an executable file that requires no installation to run on Windows.

You may not want to download an executable file, but there are several online demonstrations of the chaotic nature of double pendulums. One is hosted by the University of Reading and the other is on the coding site.

Pitch Competition

New this year, we were inviting schools to participate in a pitch competition that included a 5-page paper with maximum 5-pages of attachments or a 7-minute YouTube video. All the entries were of very high quality and there were just four points separating the top three papers. It was a difficult choice for the CFA panel that judged the papers but the winners were declared as:

1st Place - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Team: Brock Schauer, Ben Zielinski, and Kyle Kolb - View Paper
2nd Place - Truman State University - Team: Daniel D’Nagy and Ben Wingo - View Paper
3rd Place - Hofstra University - Team: Thomas Maciura, Suveer Seemangal, and Emalee Jimenez - View Paper

We would like to thank the CFA panel who scored the papers and offered their insights to them:

John Brick, CFA Associate Portfolio Manager at Altman Advisors
Molly Carl, CFA Senior Portfolio Manager at Northern Trust
Shannon Curley, CFA CEO CFA Society of Chicago
Mike Drucker, CFA Executive Director of Business Development and Investments Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

The winners of the video competition were decided by vote by the attendees. The winners of that competition were:

1st Place - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire - Team: Brock Schauer, Ben Zielinski, and Kyle Kolb.

2nd Place - University of Nebraska-Kearney - Team:Tristan Crook, Adam Starr and Madisson Whalen.

3rd Place - Indiana State University - Team: Carlos Garcia, Jr., Devan Lunceford, Corey Maxedon and Tyler Thies.

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