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Sales & Negotiations: Sales Lab

Classroom - FD 009


Break-Out Rooms FD002 and FD004

The Sales Lab at Indiana State University is located on the Garden Level of Federal Hall at 30 N. 7th Street. Each of these lab rooms is equipped with a table, up to eight chairs, and recording equipment.

Sales and Negotiations Labs are frequently used to record sales interactions in a number of different sales classes at Indiana State. This provides opportunities for exceptional formative feedback and dramatic improvement in sales skill levels in a very short time frame.

Students review the recordings of their sales call made in the lab through any secure internet connection. Firms can promote sales career opportunities through this system.

The Sales and Negotiations Laboratory is also available for other uses, including use by our students who are practicing for job interviews or for utilization as break-out rooms for workshops and other training within the Scott College of Business.

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Sales & Negotiations Center
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