Sales & Negotiations: Mission and Goals


The mission of the Sales and Negotiations Center is to encourage high potential individuals to consider the merits of careers in professional selling, provide sales and negotiations training to members of the business community that will enable them to grow professionally enabling economic development, enhance the professionalism of the sales force, and provide service to the sales profession.


  • Develop seminars, workshops, and other professional development programs that extend and renew the skills and knowledge of practitioners working in the field of sales.
  • Create and manage a Sales and Negotiations Laboratory. This will expand opportunities for Indiana State University students to engage in experiential learning by being recorded while conducting skill practice exercises (e.g., sales calls, mock business meetings) followed by a careful review of that performance within a formative learning environment. The lab will also be used for verbal communication and professional development of students.  When the facility is not being used by classes and students, the Sales and Negotiations Lab will be available for use in seminars and workshops provided to the business community. The Sales and Negotiations Lab will be a significant factor in attracting firms to Indiana State University for their sales training needs.
  • Grow and maintain a Sales Advisory Council consisting of outstanding leaders within the field of sales and negotiations. This will provide financial resources for the sales program while also keeping our sales education program at the cutting edge through our interactions with leading practitioners. These executives will help mentor our sales students and serve as outstanding role models.
  • Create and maintain a Sales and Negotiations Library. We will obtain and provide local access to sales and negotiations training resources. This will be accomplished by developing a collection of audio-visual materials, software, cases, experiential learning activities, and other items designed to improve the active learning experiences of participants. Most of this material will be donated by some of the nation’s leading sales trainers and speakers.
  • Support the development of practical sales experiences for students by working with sales executives to provide internships, mentoring opportunities, job shadowing, sales competition experiences, and other experiential learning activities for Indiana State University students.
  • Discover and disseminate new knowledge within the field of sales and negotiations through faculty support for applied research projects. 
  • Attract scholarships and develop other programs designed to encourage our students to consider preparing for a sales career while studying at Indiana State University.
  • Work with the national as well as the local media to promote sales education and the rewards of careers in selling.
  • Partner with other academic institutions to improve sales education curricula opportunities.


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