Business Administration Classes and Advisors


Freshmen and sophomore students are usually advised by the academic advisors of the Student Services Office. The SSO is located in Federal Hall, Room FD124 of the Scott College of Business.

Juniors and Seniors are advised by members of the faculty.


Web ​Classes

Due to demand, the Scott College of Business is pleased to offer additional web classes for the Business Administration degree via distance education. The table below shows a regular schedule in which business core courses and the major emphasis courses are offered every other semester. Certain classes (BUS 305, 401 and BEIT 336) will be offered each fall and spring semester.

Some of these classes may also be available during the summer on an irregular basis; summer offerings may take place in a five-week accelerated session and are not recommended for those with full-time employment schedules.

Fall Classes Spring Classes
BUS 305
BUS 311
BUS 321
BUS 371
BUS 401
BEIT 336
INS 340
MGT 320
MKTG 347
BUS 220
BUS 305
BUS 351
BUS 361
BUS 401
BEIT 336
INS 341 or 342 or 343 or 344 or 432
MGT 440
MKTG 334

Please contact the Extended Learning Center at 812-237- 2345 for more information about courses for College of Business distance students.