Business Administration Internships

As with other business majors, internships are encouraged in business administration. Many employers expect applicants to have at least one internship experience. The best time for an internship is between your junior and senior years, after you have taken the bulk of the business curriculum and have classes in your major. Some students are able to pursue an internship during the school year but most schedule internships for the summer.

Although the internship class cannot substitute for one of the two emphasis area courses, it can be used as a general elective and in some cases can be taken as a minor elective course.

Internships may be done for academic credit (usually three credit hours) or may be done without academic credit. If taken for credit, the intern must obtain the appropriate approvals from the employer, supervising faculty member, and the program coordinator or department chairperson.

Internship courses are numbered 439 within each program. See the program coordinator or the department office for more information about internships within a specific business program.