Finance Curriculum & Advising

Indiana State University's Catalog contains information on courses required for a degree, while the& Academics pages includes overviews with more information on possible careers, degree maps, required courses, and outcomes.

Finance Major

Course information can be found in the Finance Major Undergraduate Catalog (also includes courses for the Financial Analyst and Financial Planning concentrations)

Business Core - Learning Outcome

Finance - Overview | Learning Outcome

Financial Analyst Concentration - Degree Map

Financial Planning Concentration - Degree Map

Finance Minor

Course information can be found in the Finance Minor Undergraduate Catalog.


Freshmen and sophomore students are usually advised by the academic advisors of the Student Services Office. The SSO is located Federal Hall, Room FD124 of the Scott College of Business.

Juniors and Seniors are advised by members of the faculty:

Dr. Mahfuzul Haque | Dr. Tarek Zaher


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Contact Us

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Chartered Financial Analyst - University Affiliation Program