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The Normal Advance was published from 1896 to 1923 when it was renamed the Sycamore and that ran until 1993. Indiana State University archives have all of the issues online. These pages contain all that can be found in those books about the original Commerce Department that was formed in 1918 and later, the School of Business which was formed in 1964, as well as other interesting information from around the university. The School of Business became the College of Business in 2004 and the Scott College of Business in 2009.

The printed quality in the yearbooks and how the scans were done means the quality of the images on the following pages are very variable. Where possible, the original photgraphs in the University Archives were used instead of the yearbook scans.

Indiana State University was established by the Indiana General Assembly on December 20, 1865, as the Indiana State Normal School in Terre Haute. As the State Normal School, its core mission was to educate elementary and high school teachers. State funds amounting to $50,000 were appropriated to establish the school in an Indiana city that could match or exceed the State funding. The Board of the Normal School was authorized to advertise throughout the state of Indiana for donations of land, money and buildings as a site for the new school. Terre Haute was the only community in the state to make such an offer of money and land.

The original building was erected at a cost of $189,000, in the area on campus now known as the Quadrangle or Quad. The architects were Vrydagh & Son, of Terre Haute. Myles and Hedden were the contractors. The cornerstone was laid August 13, 1867. On January 6, 1870, the partially constructed and poorly equipped ISNS building was opened to students. On this day, President William Jones greeted 23 students and a faculty comprised of three assistants. Later in the year that student body increased to 40 and three additional faculty members were hired.

Indiana State Normal School

The original Indiana State Normal School building, 1870 - 1888 (University Archive)

On April 8, 1888, the 18-year-old ISNS building was completely destroyed by fire. The event was described as “the most unfortunate single catastrophe that could happen to Terre Haute.”

Terre Haute gave another $50,000 for the immediate rebuilding of the school which was built on the foundaions of the old. This building, called “Old Main,” was designed by Jenny & Otis, of Chicago, Illinois. W. A. Atkins of Terre Haute, and Collins and Ohm were the contractors. Instruction resumed in the new Normal School building in the fall of 1888. The students only missed one day of classes.

Old Main

Old Main (University Archive)

The school awarded its first baccalaureate degrees in 1908 and the first master's degrees in 1928. In 1929, the Indiana State Normal School was renamed the Indiana State Teachers College, and in 1961, was renamed Indiana State College due to an expanding mission. In 1965, the Indiana General Assembly renamed the college as Indiana State University in recognition of continued growth. "Old Main" was demolished in 1951.

The Commerce Department was formed in Indiana State Normal School in 1918. The department was located in Old Main and chaired by Shepherd Young who had joined the faculty that year as Professor of Commercial Subjects. Prior to joining the ISNS faculty, Mr. Young was a teacher and administrator in Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana schools before joining ISNS. Mr. Young died, still with ISNS, in 1940.

Indiana State Normal School campus, 1920

Indiana State Normal School campus, 1920 (University Archive)
North is towards the top left in this photo. In 1962, the large building on the left would become the School of Business building.

Indiana State University Campus, November 15, 1972

Indiana State University Campus, November 15, 1972 (University Archive)
North is towards the top right in this photo.

1870 - Indiana State Normal School opened. Most of the buildings were on or around where the Quad is now.

1888 - Original main building destroyed by fire. The same year, the replacement building "Old Main" was built on the same spot. (1)

1918 - Commerce Department formed in "Old Main".

1929 - Indiana State Normal School renamed to Indiana State Teachers College.

1935 - Federal Building on Cherry Street opened.

1940 - Commerce Department moved to the Fine Arts and Commerce Building. (2)

1951 - "Old Main" demolished.

1958 - Commerce Department renamed Business Department.

1961 - Indiana State Teachers College renamed Indiana State College.

1962 - Business Department moved to the old Science Building. (3)

1964 - School of Business formed. Science building renamed to School of Business. This is the traditional year of the formation of the college.

1965 - Indiana State College renamed Indiana State University.

1968 - Statesman Towers built.

1981 - School of Business moved into Statesman Towers East. (4)

2004 - School of Business renamed to College of Business.

2009 - College of Business renamed Scott College of Business.

2012 - Scott College of Business moved into Federal Hall. (5)

2015 - Statesman Towers demolished.

This interesting photo comes from the 1946 Sycamore (page 97).

Early Photoshop!

Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time.
"A Psalm of Life" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - 1838

I'm reaching out on all sides,
I'm grabbing at the truth instead of lies.
I want it said when I am gone:
I moved the world just one step on
"I'm Reaching Out on All Sides" by If (Quincy, Fishman) 1970