Yearbooks: 1930s


Commerce Club

President – Carolyn Wolff
Vice-president – Frances Conrath
Secretary – Hazel Stewart
Treasurer – George Reno

Commerce Club 1930

1st row – Olive Carnahan, Irma Ehrenhardt, Earl Dickerson, Mary Downs
2nd row – Beatrice Kellar, Maude Hall, Opal Laughlin, Anna K. Oltean, Angeline Ave, Pauline Hopkins
3rd row - Carolyn Wolff, Myron Busby, Permelia Anderson, Olin Swimney, Lois Sink, Bonnie Unger
4th row – George B. Reno, Frances Conrath, Howard Mallett, Ruth Van Meter, Mary Bronson, Virginia Conrath
5th row – Angela Bacevich, Mae Fisher, Bernice Teany, Mynena Anderson, Loretta Mooter, James D. Burns (1934 Sycamore, pages 179 - 180)


Commerce Department

The Commerce Department was formed in 1918 in Old Main, which stood where the Quad is now. It was built in 1888 and demolished in 1951, but in 1940 the Commerce Department moved to the Fine Arts and Commerce Building.

Old Main, 1931

Old Main in 1931 (University Archive)

Commerce Club

President – George Reno
Vice-president – Howard Mallet
Secretary – Beatrice Kellar
Treasurer –Thelma Reece

Commerce Club 1931

1st row – Beatrice Kellar, George Reno, Carolyn Wolff,  Irma Erhenhardt, Thelma Reece, Olin Swinney
2nd row – Ruth Van Meter, Jennie Farley, Anna Parker, James D. Burns, Mary L. Merrill, Margaret Jackson
3rd row – Marian Glenn, Maurice Phillippe, Emogene Lloyd, Pauline Lutz, Hallie Bolinger, Vivian Hollars
4th row – Fern Bevis, Mary Edythe Johns, Martha Prather, Dorothy Becherer, Floda Shanks, Hasler Osborne
5th row – Bernice Teany, Floyd Yegerlehner, Mildred Arthur, Sarabel Smith, Cleta McCarter, Laveda Woodruff
6th row – Lois Sink, Grace Mayer, Mary Wright, Cletis Hubbel, Helen Reel, Gladys Ball (1931 Sycamore, page 180 - 181)


Commerce Club

President – Harold Leith
Vice –president – Florence Shea
Secretary – Lois Sink
Treasurer – Thelma Reece

Commerce Club 1932

1st row – Harold Leith, Irma Ehrenhardt, Florence Shea, Hasler Osborne, Maryon K. Welch, Permelia Anderson
2nd row – Ruth Bailey, Ruth Albright, Elmer Milhon, Thelma Reece, Mildred Drollinger, Sarah Marbach
3rd row – Burgett Manhart, Annabelle Bauer, Dorothy Becherer, Kletys Hubbell, Mildred Arthur, Gladys Hutchings
4th row – Mary Wright, Fred Lindley, Katherine Dreher, Lillian Swearingen, Marion Robey
5th row – Mabell Lofton, Lois Sink, Emogene Lloyd, Glenna Epping, Hallie Bolinger, Olin Swinney
6th row – Marian Glenn, Robert Love, Grace Myer, Margaret Phillips, Dorothy Keeney, Helen Stout
7th row – Helen Harkness, Evelyn Carr, Alberta Martin, Ruby Lawder, Mildred Bledsoe, Cleda Lovelace
8th row – Margaret Ward, Helen Carney, Marcy Bunnell, Fern Bevis, James DeLong, Anna Parker
9th row – Hollis may, Laurel Gallatin, Ruth Morton, Wretha Mellott, Clarence Blubaum, Ethel Storm
10th row – Ruth Brown, Mary K. Brinkman, Loren Murray, Edythe Robertson, Lucille Greene, Sara Bowser (1932 Sycamore, pages 193 - 196)

The image has been reaaranged slightly from the original. Rows 6 to 10 now appear to the right of rows 1 to 5 instead of underneath.


The commerce faculty consists of Shepherd Young, instructor Kate Browning, assistant professors Irma Ehrenhardt, Frank Grove and Helen Wood, acting instructors V. E. Breidenbaugh, Robert Shade, and acting graduate assistant Dorothy Becherer

Commerce Faculty 1932

Shepherd Young - Head of hte Department of Commerce (A.B. West Kentucky College; A.M. Indiana University
V. E. Breidenbaugh - Accing Instructor in Commerce (B.S. Indiana State; M.S. Indiana University
Helen Wood - Assistant Professor in Commerce (A.B. Indiana State; A.M. Indiana University)
Kate Browning - Instructor in Commerce (B.S. Indiana State)
Robert Shade - Acting Instructor in Commerce (A.B. Ohio Northern University; A.M. Thiel College)
Irma Ehrenhardt - Assistant Professor of Commerce (B.S. Indiana State; Ed.M. Harvard)
Dorothy Becherer - Acting Graduate Assistant in Commerce (B.S. Indiana State)
Frank Grove - Assistant Professor in Commerce (A.B. Indiana State - On leave for study at Illinois University)
(Rearranged from 1932 Sycamore, pages 11 & 12)


Student: Ruby Lawder

Ruby Lawder, 1933

Ruby Lawder, 1933. Ruby was a member of the Commerce Club. (1933 Sycamore, page 91)


Notes: The Chi Chapter of Pi Omega Pi, which promotes scholarship in business education, was established at Indiana State Normal School

Commerce Club

President – Robert Love
Vice-president – Rosalie Rosen
Secretary – Virginia L. Adams
Treasurer – Norman Laird

Commerce Club 1934

1st row – Robert Love, Evelyn Church, Virginia L. Adams, Mary E. Scott, Norman Laird
2nd row – Mary Jo Fultz, Kate Browning, James A. Watson, Helen wood, Madelon O’Dell
3rd row – Daniel Eggleston, Gertrude Callies, Vachel E. Breidenbaugh, Harold Adams, Sam Dawdy
4th row – Gretchen Long, Lillian M. Everett, Margaret Phillips, Joe young, Irma Ehrenhardt, Owen Arthur Johnson
5th row – Margaret Ward, Juanita Watson, Maurice Kennedy, Shepherd Young, J. Paul Warrick, Frieda B. Thompson (1934 Sycamore, pages 165 - 166)

Unfortunately the captioning in the original is not correct. For example, Professor Shepherd Young is actually in the 2nd row, 2nd from the left, not 5th row, 4th from the left.


Outside the University: Federal Hall

The three-story Art Deco-style federal building was was funded as Public Work Project under the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Built in 1934 to the designs of Terre Haute-based architects Miller & Yeager for the cost of around $450,000. It was completed on December 1, 1934, and the building opened to the public in 1935. The building consists of a dressed limestone veneer over a steel I-beam frame, with a heavy foundation, basement and roof made of steel-reinforced concrete. The national emblem, the bald eagle, shows up in metal grillwork above the doors, and in detailing, such as the trim on the directory and bulletin board in the Cherry Street entry. Beneath the exterior windows are large metal plates, adorned with a single, centered torch. The facade, seen from Cherry Street, is divided into 11 narrow, two-story bays, separted by fluted piers.

It originally was the home of the post office, the Social Security Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service and the federal court. The federal courtroom features a mural by Frederick Webb Ross titled "The Signing of the Magna Carta."

At the original dedication in 1935, John T. Beasley, president of the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce spared no superlatives in his speech saying, "By a happy combination of mass and void, interplay of lights and shadows, proportion and balance, strength and delicacy, detail and ornamentation, the genius of the architects and the skill of the artisans have produced a fit structure for Terre Haute — the imperial city of the great Wabash Valley empire,”

Indiana Historical Society has a nice collection of photos of the building of Federal Hall taken by Martin's Phto Shop between 1933 and 1935.

The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. In 2007, the General Services Administration turned over the facility to Indiana State. Before doing so they carried our a $10 million partial restoration of the building. Almost all of the original art deco decoration were kept including making copies of the original light fittings, some of which had been replaced by fluorescent lamps in the 1950s. Following the total $30-million dollar, multi-year renovation; the building became the new home of the Indiana State University Scott College of Business. The first classes were held during the Fall 2012 semester.

Federal Hall, 1935

Terre Haute Post Office and Federal Building, now Federal Hall, just after it opened in 1935. (National Archives)


Commerce Club

The purpose of the Commerce Club is to bring together the students and faculty of the Commerce Department, in order that they may discuss their problems and meet socially. At the regular meetings, which are held twice a month, speakers are often brought in to talk over business and matters of general interest. Films relating to business activities are shown, and student discussion on topics not included in the school curriculum is encouraged. The programs of the meetings are interesting and entertaining as well as educational.
The Commerce Club does not confine itself wholly to academic activities. Each term some kind of social affair, usually a dance or a party, is held.
This year’s officers were Harold K. Tolen, Joseph H. Young, Annabeth Chew, and Edwin Halstead. (1937 Sycamore, page 70)


Commerce Faculty 1937

1st row - Ruth Temple, Irma Ehrenhardt, Helen Wood
2nd row – Kate Browning, Shepherd Young, George Eberhardt (1937 Sycamore, page 23)

Pi Omega Pi (Chi Chapter)

The Chi chapter of Pi Omega Pi was organized at Indiana State in 1932. This is a national organization for the purpose of furthering commercial education. Officers for the year were Ada Dierdorf, Isobel Heaton, Emma Jane Sabiston, Miriam Silverstein.
[Note: Emma Jane Gardner (nee Sabiston) was born February 24, 1916, in Terre Haute to George N. Sabiston and Emma L. Bryant Sabiston. She passed away on Wednesday, October 16, 2002, in Union Hospital, aged 86, and is buried in New Harmony Cemetery.]
[Note: Miriam Silverstein was born on August 30, 1915 in Terre Haute. She has five brothers and sisters and one of those, Ethel, became a professor at Indiana State Teachers College. Miriam married an Air Force captain, Bernard Rubinstein. They moved to Arlington, VA and worked at the Pentagon for many years. Bernard died in the 1980s. In the early 1970s, Miriam suffered a severe stroke or had a brain tumor and was severely physically incapacitated and confined to a wheel chair, but, she still maintained her mental capacities and would love to play Scrabble. Miriam passed away on April 22, 2001, aged 85, at Winchester, MA., and is buried in Arlington, VA.]

Pi Omega Pi, Chi Chapter, 1937

Pi Omega Pi, Chi Chapter (1937 Sycamore, pages 69 - 70)
Row 1: Woodrow Baker, Lela Black, Enid Chancellor, Betty Chew, William foley Clark
Row 2: Mary Catherine Conrad, Maxine DeMotte, Ada Dierdorf, Kedrick Ewbank, Peggy Glossen
Row 3: Jane Lee Goodman, Isobel Heaton, Mary K Koester, Virginia Larr, Eleanor Lotze
Row 4: Ruth McMahon, Teresa Morgan, Zola Moser, Irma Pitzele, Harves Rahe
Row 5: Dorothy Reece, Emma Jane Sabiston, Miriam Silverstein, Robert Thompson, Harold Tolen
Row 6: Harold Van Cleave, Paul Wilson, Martha Yeager, Joe Young


Commerce Club

The purpose of the Commerce Club is to bring together the students and faculty of the commerce department to discuss problems of the prospective commercial teachers and to broaden their conception of business. Speakers, many of whom are business men, are brought to talk on business and matters of general interest to the commerce students. Social meetings are held once every term. In April the Commerce Club was active in planning the visiting teachers who were attending the clinic.

President - David Naile,
vice-president – Edwin Halstead
Secretary – Josephine Garver
Treasurer – Lela Black

Commerce Club 1938

Ruth Nash, Alberta Kempton, Virginia Larr, Edna Russel, Edwin Halstead, David Naile, Vera Maehling, Dorothy Doyel, Martha Hunter, Halen Maurer, Evamae Lewin, Mary Sufana, Harriett Price, Florence Mulvihill, Mary E. Donham, Martha Ranich, Mable Pershing, Ivan Kempton, Winifred Cottam, Miriam Hines, Inez Wldman, Enid Chancellor, Ester Marie Kelley, Elizabeth Jennett, Robert Hayes, Helen Hall, Isobel Bubeck, Nadine Frazier, Mary Ellen Stockdale, Henry Pigg, Doyle Burton, Howard Suttle, Max Bridwell, Dorothy Kelley, Winifred Aten, Elizabeth French, Mary Katherine Conrad, Martha Yeager. (1938 Sysmore, page 66)


Commerce Faculty 1938

Irma Ehrenhardt, Ruth Temple, George Eberhardt, Herman Truelove, Shepherd Young (head of department), Kate C. Browning, Helen Wood (1938 Sycamore, page 113)


Commerce Club

Prospective commercial teachers have an opportunity to broaden their views and to gain valuable information through the medium of the Commerce Club. The program committee this year provided outstanding speakers from the business and educational fields. Speakers from the faculty of Indiana State were Miss Irma Ehrenhardt, and dean J. Erle Grinnell.
In January a party was held in the Women’s Gymnasium, and under the chairmanship of Mary Conrad, dancing, games, and refreshments were enjoyed.
On April l8, the second annual Commercial Teachers Clinic as held. Principal William More of the John Hay school in Cleveland was the principal speaker.

President – William Tichenor
Vice-president – Mary Conrad
Secretary - Martha Ranich
Treasurer – Mary Sufana

Commerce Club 1939

1st row – Frances Shaul, Cletis Shouse, Mary Ellen Torr, Nadine Frazier, Martha Yeager, Earl Koile, Elizabeth Farh, Winifred Aten, Ruth Cathcart
2nd row – Ruth James, Francis Gardner, Eleanor Peavey, Florence Mulvihill, Martha Ranich, Mary Catherine Conrad, William Tichenor, Mary Sufana, Miriam hines, Inez Wildman, Lois Adams
3rd row – Margaret Kennedy, Virginia Harrell, Jewel Oberholzer, Glennovia Wright, Helen Brown, Florence Dinkel, Sophie Tomei, Mary Ellen Stockdale, Dorothy Kelley, Kathleen Drummond, Mable Pershing, Alberta Kepton, Wilma weddle, Josephine Hendrich, Josephine Garver, Nancy Witt
4th row – Mary Francis Sluss, Wayne Bowsher, Kenneth Vogel, Jared Simms, John Eggleston, William Krider, Ivan Kempton, Howard Wood, Marion Ross, Vincent O’Leary, Georgia Cole, Ruth Kight