Department of Human Resource Development & Performance Technologies (HRDPT)

Welcome to the Department of Human Resource Development & Performance Technologies (HRDPT). HRDPT offers three baccalaureate degree majors, Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Human Resource Development, Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising delivered in either a classroom or online format.

Online Programs:

  • Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  • Human Resource Development

Face-to-Face Programs:

  • Human Resource Development

Programs’ Design

The design of the programs in the HRDPT department were developed to address the varied needs of all students whether traditional first year students, returning – nontraditional, working adults, or those in need of certification for career advancement purposes, offering a balance of classroom study and experiential learning.

Competencies designed into the programs focus on planning, managing, organizing, and evaluating education, training, and other career, human development, design, and retailing functions. Through their comprehensive, experiential focus, the programs prepare students to lead in diverse, dynamic, and challenging career fields. Additional department offerings include minors in both Human Resource Development and Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising.

HRDPT Mission

The mission of the HRDPT department is to develop and serve future professionals through education, leadership, and experiential experiences.

HRDPT Vision

Our vision is to be a champion for current and future professionals in training, career, organizational, and workforce development; education; and leadership.

HRPDT Distinctive Features

  • Provides flexibility through face-to-face and distance education
  • Facilitates leadership development
  • Offers experiential learning opportunities throughout the curriculum

HRDPT Core Values

A commitment to all students:

  • regardless of age, nationality, race, or economic background
  • through integrative experiential learning
  • by appreciating diverse perspectives
  • in collaboration with faculty in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service
  • through continuous enhancement of programs and curriculum

Fast Facts

Organizational Leadership and Supervision (Revised Oct 2022)

Human Resource Development Fast Facts (Revised April 2022)

Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising Fast Facts (Revised April 2022)