Boulet Mentoring Program: Peer Mentoring

The Larry and Buffy Boulet Scott College of Business Mentoring Program – Peer Mentoring, is an interactive experience dedicated to helping students build a strong foundation and sense of immediate belonging within the Scott College of Business by connecting first year students with upperclassmen peers. This mentorship will strive to provide students with guidance, and advice to ensure a smooth transition to Indiana State University. During this opportunity, students will have the chance to connect with a mentoring community of similar interests through guided discussions and corresponding events. Each mentoring community will be led by a fellow upperclassmen peer referred to as their “mentor”. Our mentoring communities will participate in an academic year long experience, with various topics and events to support their first year as a student at ISU.

What is a “SCOB Peer Mentee”?

An Indiana State University freshman or transfer student looking to pursue a major and/or minor in the Scott College of Business. These individuals are seeking to enhance personally, professionally, as well as academically from a mentor and/or mentoring experience. They are looking to join a community, led by an upperclassmen mentor, where they will be responsible for attending meetings and events as they are available.


What is a “SCOB Peer Mentor”?

An Indiana State University junior or senior student with a major in the Scott College of Business. These individuals are seeking to offer their expertise and guidance to a mentee and/or group of mentees. They are motivated to make an impact and willing to invest time in the mentee’s success as a first-year sycamore. A peer mentor is eager to take part in an academic year long experience to enrich the lives of the mentees in their mentoring community.