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Accounting Major Maya Jamison Maya Jamison describes how she chose accounting as a major and her internship with Ernst & Young. (2020, 1:48)
Kali Diethrich Discusses her Internship Kali Diethrich had an actuary internship with Allstate. (2010, 3:15)
Justin Crow Discusses Internships Crow discusses the best place to find internships, sending resumes and networking. (2009, 3:28)
SCB Students Discuss Internships Scott College of Business students discuss their internship experiences with other students. (2009, 17:57)
Accounting Intern April Huey Accounting major April Huey took an internship at Larry Nun and Associates. These are CPAs in southern Indiana. (2006, 2:37)
IRM Students Discuss Their Internships Courtney Hull, a math major with an IRM minor, and Danielle Thompson, an IRM major, discuss their internships. (2006, 2:02)
Executives Discuss Interns and Internships Executives discuss the ISU IRM program and some of the types of work interns may be involved with. (2006, 2:37)