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Forrest Sherer Scholarship


  • A Junior or Senior who has earned a cumulative GPA of 2.6 or better who is majoring in business
  • If awarded to junior the scholarship may be renewed (if the student reapplies and is approved and if the contributions to the fund will be sufficient).

Past Recipients

  • Caleb Hamilton and Jairus Smith, 2020
  • Kaitlin Goings, 2016
  • Michelle White, 2014
  • Seth Arnold, Kori Brummett, and Jessica Radtke, 2013
  • Brianna Ballard, and Sam Guerra, 2012
  • Jessica Anderson, Chase Gray, and Derek Lex, 2010
  • Rod Blake, Chase Gray, and Derek Lex, 2009
  • Rod Blake, Cari Deacon, and Chase Gray, 2008
  • Heather Lark, Erin Pell, Andrew Pyle, and Sylvia Zamarripa, 2007
  • Kaitlin Korosi, Allison May, Victoria Trench, and Rachel Williams, 2006
  • Adam Jurs, Ivan Santoso, Michelle Turner, and Jamie Wagner, 2005
  • Bradley Clark, Halee Howard, and Michelle Turner, 2004
  • Nathan Atwood, Monte Edwards, Jr., Brett Hoopingarner, and Sekou Kanate, 2003

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