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Scott College of Business Admissions (COBA) - Core Critical Path

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COBA - Core Critical Path


Business major courses generally start in the third year following COBA and may require some 3x1 classes. Foundational studies (FS) classes extend from the first to last semester but many are focused in the first year.

Student Services Office Reminders

  • COBA – College of Business Admission (see Core Critical path – see above)
  • Prerequisites are enforced (see Core Critical path – see above)
  • Check your ISU email on a daily basis (several times a day)
  • When meeting with your advisor, you’ll need your ISU Photo ID and Laptop
  • When emailing the Student Services Office and/or your Advisor, use the Talisma Address (
  • When emailing the Student Services Office and/or your Advisor, always use your ISU Email Account (FERPA)
  • To schedule an appointment with your Advisor, use the Academic Scheduler Link. (
  • Maintain open communicate with your Instructors and your Advisor (i.e. questions, available resources, grades, attendance, etc.)
  • Seek academic guidance from your Advisor, not your friends!
  • Review your MySAM Audit, as well as your MySAM Plans often. Become invested in your academic requirements and planning.
  • Do Not Deviate from the classes, which you and your Advisor discussed, and posted on your Scheduling Form. If you encounter issues enrolling in a class or classes (i.e. at capacity), contact your Advisor.
  • Per the Undergraduate Catalog/Responsibilities of the Undergraduate Student: The Primary Responsibility for KNOWING the Requirements of Academic Program and Proceeding to Satisfy those Requirements in an Orderly and Sequential Manner Remains with the STUDENT
  • Refer to the Display (left) in Suite 124, for various announcements, important dates and other pertinent information.
  • Take care of HOLDS quickly! HOLDS will prevent you from registering for classes
  • Planning to Study Abroad? Need to plan a semester in advance.
  • Planning to do an Internship? Need to plan a semester in advance.
  • Do Not Procrastinate! Read your emails and respond accordingly (i.e. Interim Grades, Attendance, Priority Registration, Progress towards Graduation, Senior Grad Check, etc.)

The quickest way to contact an advisor - email: