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Wireless Technology

The College of Business participates in the campus wireless network initiative. Wireless is available in all of the classrooms, the commons areas, and faculty offices.

The technology is standard 802.11agn, so an inexpensive wireless card can be added to a notebook computer for $50-100. The wireless connection runs at speeds up to 144 Megabits, or 144 million bits per second, much faster than any DSL or dial-up connection. Users may be asked to authenticate with appropriate University identification information.

Other areas include the College of Education and portions of the Hulman Memorial Student Union in the center of campus, including the Commons and Dede Plaza around the fountain. The wireless coverage also includes wireless-equipped personal digital assistant devices like the Palm Pilot and Pocket PC.

There is more help and advice on the ;Office of Information Technology (OIT): Wireless pages.

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