MOS Certifications

Trainings are available on Sycamore E-learning for Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint programs to help students prepare for the Microsoft Certification Exam. The Microsoft Certification Exam is offered at various locations in Indiana and throughout the United States, but there is a testing location at Ivy Tech in Terre Haute. This exam will require money up front to register, but the Career Center has a certificate reimbursement program. If you have any questions email the Director of Academic Affairs at or come to the SGA Office (HMSU 621). 


To obtain the certification, complete the following steps:

1. Find the modules for the program you would like to practice for.

            Go to the MyISU portal, then Sycamore E-learning, and then Learning Plan (top left corner).

            Scroll down until you find your desired program training (eg. Microsoft Excel Training).

2. Complete all of the lessons in the intermediate and advanced modules for the program.

3. Visit the SGA Office (HMSU 6th floor) to show the Director of Academic Affairs that the modules are completed.

4. Register to take the certification exam on your preferred date and location.


5. Take the exam and pass the exam.

6. Complete the Certificate Reimbursement Process with the Career Center.



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