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Career Exploration

  • Focus2

    • ​​As you begin your journey through your college education and earning a bachelor's degree, we know that what you do after college graduation is just as important as what you do while you are in college. ISU is committed to your career development and pursuit of a satisfying post-graduate job that leads to a long and successful career. As you take each step through your academic pursuits, we will guide you through your career exploration and professional skill development so you will be ready to make your mark on the world through your career.
  • What can I do with this Major
    • The websites included in the links section provide additional information about each major and the occupations commonly associated with it. For More Info click on the link above.
  • Learn More Indiana
    • Your strengths and interests will often point you toward a particular industry or career cluster. Your skills may be useful in more than one area–or in multiple careers within the same area. The Indiana Department of Education identifies 12 career clusters, along with pathways, to help you determine which high school and college courses you should take to get there.​
  • Four Year Plan
    • This timeline is to be used as a guide. If you find yourself off schedule, you can complete these steps at a later time. For More Info click on the link above.
  • Candid Career
    • Our belief is that we can all learn from the experiences of others. We are the premier provider of thousands of informational video interviews featuring industry professionals through an easy to us....For More Info click on the link above.
  • WorkOne
    • ​​The First Stop for Hoosiers in Their Job Search
  • Advice for Seeking a Mentor
    • Using the Alumni Mentor Program is a great way to connect with ISU Alumni who want to share their experience and knowledge with you! A mentor can provide you with advice that could be beneficial throughout your college career and beyond graduation. For More Info click on the link above.
  • Graduate School
    • The Career Center is prepared to help you through the decision and application process for graduate school. We can help you decide if graduate school is a good option for your career, which graduate programs are suitable for your interests, and when would be the best time for you to enter graduate school.