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Career Search Information for LGBTQ Students

Information for LGBTQ Students

Decide if you disclose
  • Weigh the advantages & disadvantages of including LGBTQ information in your application.
  • If you think the company you’re applying for will view LGBTQ student organizations as controversial, you may elect to call the organizations “Anti-Discrimination Organizations” and then be prepared to elaborate during the interview.
  • As always, highlight your accomplishments and skills; being part of an organization can help communication and leadership skills.
  • Many candidates wait to come out until they have started working so they can establish themselves professionally.
Access if organizations are inclusive and gay friendly
  • Research the company, state and/or city to see if they prohibit LGBTQ discrimination.
  • View the list of gay-friendly organizations online:
    • Out & Equal | Out Professionals | Corporate Equality
  • Network with people you know or alumni to identify with individuals who can give you the real scoop on an organization’s culture.
  • If there is an active LGBTQ group at the company, talk to its members.
    • Ask about company policies and employee trainings during interviews to access if they include LGBTQ in their list of protected individuals.


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