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Career Search Information for Older & Returning Adult Students

Information for Older & Returning Adult Students

Things to consider before changing your career after the age of 50

Identify your skills

  • Having multiple jobs throughout your working life develops many marketable skills. It is important to create a list of skills you have required to present to employers.
    • Learning new job skills:
  • If there is a lack of certain job skill that is holding you back from a new career, explore online training programs or local resources to help gain relevant job skills.
    • Retirement planning:
  • More than 86% of business professionals plan to continue working after they are eligible to retire; consider ways to combine life long dreams and existing skills sets.
    • Benefits for experienced workers:
  • Some companies and organizations go above and beyond to recruit older workers with attractive benefits packages and other perks.
    • Entrepreneurship opportunities:
  • Consider owning your own business.
    • Fastest growing jobs:
  • AARP reports that home health aides, computer software engineers, medical assistants and self-enrichment education teachers are among the fastest growing jobs for workers age 50 and over.

    Information about Dealing with Over Qualification


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