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Resume and Interview Tips for Greek Life Students

Skill development:

  • It is important for fraternity and sorority members to display the skills developed while being involved with Greek life. Community service projects, leadership, events that required teamwork, as well as relationships built during your time in a sorority or fraternity all help to develop skills such as:


  • While involved in Greek life it is extremely unlikely that you did not serve on some type of committee or executive board. Employers like to see potential employees exercise that level of responsibility in an organization. The experiences you learned while upholding these positions reflect greatly on your potential performance as an employee. It is important to highlight personal accomplishments or learning experiences.


  • Greek members are most known for their help in the community. Whether it be Habitat for Humanity, Adopt-a-Highway, Relay for Life, etc. It's important to show that you are versatile and concerned with others as well as yourself.

On Your Resume

  • Perhaps being involved in a Fraternity helped your public speaking skills, or the attendance of weekly meetings helped your meeting and time management abilities.


  • If you held an office or served as a Chair, out line your duties. Chances are that you participated in the local Chapter or national leadership training opportunities. Note the length, breadth and content of such.

Organization & Time Management:

  • In order to juggle so many activities within your fraternity or sorority, not to mention school work, and other obligations, one must be extremely organized.

Team work:

  • Emphasize the complex types of projects completed, the number of members that needed to be coordinated, the communication skills that go into productive teamwork.

Greek Life Action Verbs

  • Achieved, Arranged, Assisted, Attended, Chaired, Collaborated, Coordinated, Entrusted, Led, Organized, Planned, Publicized, Ran, Served, Sponsored, Supported, Volunteered...

Greek Sample Resumes

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The Fraternity Advisor

National statistics of job outlook and past positions held by fraternity and sorority life members.

Interview Tips:

By maximizing your Greek life opportunities, you could very well be prepared to reply to behavioral interview questions if you remember these three tips:

1. Give yourself something to talk about.

  • Being a "t-shirt wearer" gets you no respect, especially outside of Greek life. Dig in! Do things that cater to your talents and set goals. A great way to start is to join a committee. Also, come up with goal-oriented ideas to pitch to the chapter using the proper fraternity or sorority protocols. Sharpen your people skills by building relationships among your chapter members.
  • If you are in a small chapter that demands the members step into executive leadership immediately, seek guidance so that, in an interview, you can tell the story of a time that you were proactive about building your leadership skills to get results. The best results to mention in your interview answers are increased membership and revenue as well as service hours.

2. Document it!

  • People often claim to not have answers to behavioral questions because they simply don't remember things they did to contribute to team successes. That is why it is important to document your success on your résumé. Other ways to document stories that can be useful in answering behavioral interview questions are blogging, personal journaling, or social media posts. Wherever you do it, make sure you have something that you can study before walking into an interview.

3. Practice telling your stories.

  • One thing that slightly annoys me is when I ask a candidate a behavioral question and the response, "I do that all the time." Okay, so it should be easy to tell me a story (but remember that folks are trying to be slick). It may seem silly but practice telling one-minute stories about your accomplishments.
  • Here's the good news—you're Greek! Surely, you have a story about an idea that helped a committee successfully execute an event. Did you come up with a move that helped your step team place or win a show (to show creativity and team work).

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