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Resume and Interview Tips for Student Athletes

Resume Tips:

                              Qualities to highlight on a resume:

  • Time Management
  • Team Work
  • Goal Directedness
  • Competitiveness
  • Confidence
  • Persistence and Endurance
  • Discipline and Responsibility
  • Loyalty and Trust
  • Ability to take and give Criticism
  • Resilience and Flexibility
  • Coachable


Student Athletes do not typically have many experiences on their resume due to the lack of time and commitment level of being a collegiate level athlete; the athletic experience should be highlighted and formatted like a job and its description would be on a resume.


Sample Student Athlete Cover Letter


Sample Student Athlete Resume [AS1]


Interviewing Tips:

Article reviewing how student athletes can use their athletic experience to differentiate themselves in their interview.


Sample Interview Student Athlete Questions & Answers:

Tell me about yourself?

I recently graduated from Indiana State University with my Bachelor of Art in Communications; additionally, I participated in varsity athletics. Both of those experiences have given me valuable skills in communication, leadership, time management and teamwork. I also interned in the marketing department of Piedmont Enterprises where I observed and participated in the various aspects of successfully marketing a product.

What are three strengths and give specific examples of how you have used those strengths?

Two combined strengths are my strong organizational and time management skills. From my experience as an athlete where I was required to travel many days a quarter to games, practice several hours daily and carry a full course load I learned to manage my time very effectively. I worked out a practice and study routine that resulted in a successful athletic experience; we came in second at state, and I was able to maintain an overall 3.4 GPA.

Tell me about a time when team morale and motivation were at a low. What did you do to try to rebuild team spirit?

Mid-season I began to notice that the energy and morale of our team dropped. Teammates weren’t excited to be at practices; we weren’t giving our all during our games, and some teammates were not getting along. As an athlete, I thrive off the energy of others. So, I decided that something needed to be done for us to make it to the end of the season. As a senior team member I knew the younger members looked to me for leadership. I decided to exercise my leadership abilities to try to help the team out of a slump. I talked with the coaches to express my concern and to brainstorm ideas on what we might do to boost morale. After one of the practices, I asked if the team members could stick around for 10 extra minutes. I facilitated a conversation regarding our low energy and morale and told them I wanted us to start to have fun again playing a sport. After that conversation, some other teammates and I planned Friday morning breakfasts after practice, played motivating music during warm-ups, and took turns planning social events outside of practice. By making practices more than just practice and by spending time off the court together, we really got to know one another and felt connected to each other. This motivated us to succeed and support one another with great energy during games.

 Tell me about the time when a team member wasn’t pulling his or her weight.

One of my teammates consistently came to practices late, did not bring the equipment needed for practices, and even missed a game. Part of being on a team is working together utilizing one another’s strengths and being supportive. I became frustrated with my teammate because he wasn’t supporting or helping the team. I decided I would talk to him about my frustration and concerns rather than simply be angry. I approached him after practice indicating I wanted to sit down and talk with him. I was careful not to use language that made me sound overly aggressive or angry. I wanted to find out why he was all of a sudden disconnected from the team and not contributing. As our conversation progressed I found out some of his frustrations as a team member and encouraged him to talk with our coaches. The conversation went well, and I think he appreciated that I talked with him instead of just getting mad. He seemed to understand how his lack of commitment and energy impacted the team as a whole. After our conversation I noticed that he was on time to most practices and increased his effort level during workouts and games.



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