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Faculty, academic advisors, and student affairs staff are the most important partners of the Career Center. Faculty bring the career and professional development message into the classroom, informing students about the specifics of major and industry workplace requirements and professionalism. Academic advisors mentor students through the integration of academics, co-curricular, and professional elements of their college experience to help them develop as adults ready for the professional world.

Please use our Career Center resources and services offered the for your classes, advising sessions, and organization meetings.

Please contact the office if you have any questions or would like to partner with us in helping our Indiana State University students success in reaching their career dreams - 812.237.5000; isu-career-center@mail.indstate.edu.

Connect with your College Coach to help your students connect their academic experiences with their career plans. We can work with you on funding for career-related projects, including field trips to Indiana employers, hosting career panels, career center events and much more.