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Frequently Asked Questions

May I schedule an appointment to have my resume reviewed?

Resume reviews are conducted during walk-in hours. Walk-in hours are conducted Monday thru Friday from 10:00- 12:00 and 1:00- 3:00. The last visitor is taken 15 minutes prior to each end time. We ask that you have a draft of your resume printed off with you prior to coming in.

When do the clothes from the clothing closet need to be returned?

All of the clothing items from the clothing closet have been donated from community and staff members and are for your professional use. Therefore, the clothing items are yours to keep for future professional use.

May I speak with (staff member) right now?

(Staff member) does not accept walk-ins. Therefore, we ask that you schedule an appointment to further speak with them.

Do you have a printer that I can use?

We do not have a student printer located in this building. However, there are printers in the HMSU, Science Building, and Stalker Hall that are close and have student printers.

I have a phone interview. May I use one of your rooms for the interview?

The Career Center has available rooms that can be utilized for a phone/ online interview. You must coordinate the room scheduling with one of the front desk staff members to ensure there is availability and to have the room reserved for you during the time needed. We cannot ensure availability of a room, so the earlier we are informed, the better.

I realize the deadline has passed to register for the Etiquette Dinner, but I can only make it to this one?

Due to the amount of preparation and capacity, we are unable to accommodate this request. There are several Etiquette Dinners offered each semester, so I encourage you to check out the Etiquette Dinner dates for next semester as soon as they become available and plan accordingly.

All of the walk-in hours do not work with my schedule. What do I do?

Walk-in hours are Monday thru Friday from 10:00- 12:00 and 1:00- 3:00. I understand that none of these times work with your schedule, therefore you are allowed to schedule an appointment to accomplish your tasks.

May I schedule an appointment for (appointment type)?

Appointments can be scheduled through the Sycamore Career Link or with one of the Front Desk assistants. By scheduling your appointment via Sycamore Career Link, you are able to directly see the dates and times available to you. This can be accessed through your MyISU Portal -> Sycamore Career Link -> I want to… -> Make an Appointment. Or you can visit or contact the contact the Career Center at 812-237-5000 to schedule an appointment.

How do I apply for on-campus employment?

All on-campus job are posted in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). To apply:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Create Account"
  • Complete information and click "Create"
  • Click on "Job Type" and choose "Regular Student Jobs."
  • Complete your application. Check it for accuracy before attaching it to a job because it cannot be edited after you have attached it to a specific job.
  • Apply for as many jobs as you are qualified for.

How often do you offer free professional photos?

Professional photos are offered two back-to-back days once a semester. The professional photos usually take place a week or two before the semester’s Career Fair. Unfortunately, these are the only times that the Career Center offers professional photos.

Do you help/ print off business cards?

The Career Center does not offer assistance with creating or printing business cards. We recommend going to the RICHO office in HMSU, to further assist you with your business cards.

I need to pay for the Etiquette Dinner. How do I do that?

Your payment for the Etiquette Dinner is also required prior to the Etiquette Dinner event. Therefore, when you registered online for the Etiquette Dinner, you may have noticed the various payment options.

  • Credit Card: If you would like to pay with a Credit Card, you must enter the information online in Sycamore Career Link Once you select "Credit Card," then you will be required to type in your card information. After your card information is submitted, it will be processed by the Career Center.
  • Commons Cash: By simply selecting Commons Cash, your request will be submitted to the Career Center and Dining Services. Therefore, after you select "Commons Cash," Dining Services will remove that amount from your Commons Cash amount.
  • Cash: Cash will be accepted at the Career Center. However, only the exact amount of cash will be accepted.
  • Campus Department: If there is a Campus Department willing to cover the cost of event for you, you must select "Campus Department" and include the Department's name.

I'm in the process of completing the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate, but it's not updated on my MySam. What do I do?

Each time you complete a Sycamore Career Ready Certificate checklist item, email your Career Center Liaison and they will update it on MySam within a few days. It's important that you are working with your Career Liaison throughout the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate process.

I'm not able to make it to my scheduled meeting. Can I reschedule?

Please contact the Career Center at 812-237-5000 or access Sycamore Career Link to cancel your existing appointment and schedule a new time that works best for you.

I applied to work 28 hours for my on-campus job, but still haven't heard anything? How do I know if it has been accepted?

Please contact Student Employment to gain further information about your situation. 812-237-8887

I only have a short time until my next class. Will my resume review be done in time?

Walk-in hours are based on first come, first served basis. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be done with your resume review during that time frame. If this is a concern for you, we have walk-in hours at various times; Monday- Friday, 10:00- 12:00 and 1:00- 3:00.

The clothing closet doesn't have my size. When will you have more clothing in the closet?

The Clothing Closet consists of donated clothing that is a free service to the students. We cannot guarantee that all sizes will be donated, however we recommend that you check back in a couple of weeks as various sizes of clothing are donated often.

If I am an alum of ISU, can I still use the Career Center's services?

Yes, the Career Center allows students and alumni of the University to utilize our services.

If I am an online student or alum, can I schedule a meeting with an advisor over the phone?

Yes, phone appointments are an option. When scheduling your appointment, indicate that it is a phone appointment. You will call the Career Center at 812-237-5000 1-2 minutes before you appointment time and we will transfer your call to the Career Center Liaison.

I have no idea where to begin on my resume and cover letter. Can I just schedule an appointment for help?

We have a packet that can assist you on getting your resume and cover letter started; this can be picked up at the Career Center or found on our website online. Once you have a draft created, you may stop in during our walk-in hours, Monday- Friday; 10:00- 12:00 and 1:00- 3:00 to have a Career Peer review it with you.

I'm trying to contact (staff member), but haven't received a response. May I his/her extension number?

Please understand that the staff members are juggling a busy schedule, therefore it's important that you allow approximately 48 hours for a response. I cannot provide you with their extension number, however I can transfer you to their voicemail.

I know where (staff member)'s office is. Can I go ahead and walk back there?

I ask that you please wait patiently here in the lobby until (staff member) notifies us that she is available and ready for you or comes out to greet you.

(Time is 11:47 a.m.) May I have my resume reviewed right now?

The last visitor for walk-in hours is taken at 11:45, because we need to allow for 15 minutes with each person. We will have walk-ins hours again at 1:00 today.

(Time is 11:15 a.m.) My appointment is scheduled for 12:00, but I thought I would come in early.

Due to ensuring all tasks are met for the day, we ask that your appointment is conducted during the time allotted for today. We can check you in 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment.