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Leadership Certificate

The ISU Leadership Certificate Program Requirements

To participate, students must answer yes to the following questions:

  • Are you interested in improving and applying your leadership skills and abilities?
  • Are you or will you be an active student leader at ISU?
  • Do you have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher?
  • Are you committed to giving back through applying leadership through student roles: student organizations, student employment, residence life, civic engagement?

Students will complete the following experiences to achieve the certificate:

  • Leadership Education Experiences: educational opportunities such as workshops, conferences, and seminars on leadership characteristics and skills.

    • Leadership and program workshops
    • Facilitated trainings and seminars
    • Leadership conferences or seminars
  • Leadership Mentoring: students select a faculty or staff member to serve as their mentor and meet at least three times a year.
    • Mentor is confirmed by Department of Campus Life and annual evaluation/assessment is completed and submitted by participant and mentor.
  • Curriculum Based Leadership Development:
    • Track 1

      • Keys to Success in College and Life, as developed by Dr. Will Keim and Curtis Zimmerman, is the selected leadership book that participants will utilize. Six modules will be presented, facilitated, and applied through the course of a one-semester seminar series.

        • Scholarship & Service
        • Peacemaking & Character
        • Freedom & Letting Go
        • The Secret & 25,000 days
      • Living Life at Performance Level & Learning to Fail Successfully
    • Track 2
      • The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, as published in the Student Leadership Challenge, developed by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, is the selected leadership theory that participants will utilize. Five modules will be presented, facilitated, and applied through the course of a one-semester seminar series.

        • Encourage the Heart
        • Model the Way
        • Inspire a Shared Vision
        • Challenge the Process
        • Enable Others to Act
  • Practical Leadership Experiences: academic, organizational, and community service projects completed by the student.
    • ISU student organization projects and events
    • ISU student employment projects and events
    • Co-ops, internships and practicum projects and events
    • Leadership projects
  • Capstone Project: a student designed project that demonstrates comprehension of leadership competencies.

Opportunities for Earning Requirements: Requirements can be achieved through any number of different avenues. Including:

  • Leadership Education Experiences: four elective workshops must be certified through the Department of Campus Life.

    • B.L.U.E. Leadership Workshops
    • Leadership Retreats offered through Campus Life
    • Keynote Seminars or Lectures approved through Campus Life
    • State, Regional, National Leadership Conferences/Institutes approved through Campus Life
  • Leadership Mentoring: an on-going relationship with a faculty or staff member who will contribute to leadership-based learning, assess a student’s growth and understanding of leadership concepts, and provide support and direction for a student to apply their skills to the ISU community.
    • One-on-One leadership relationships
    • Assessment and evaluation of student growth and application
    • Mentorship training and insight into applied leadership
  • Curriculum-Based Leadership Development:
    • Track 1: Students will participate in a six-part series based on Keim’s and Zimmerman’s Keys to Success in College and Life. This work is based on clear and concise guidelines to help students remove barriers that can interfere with living a complete, healthy and rewarding life.
    • Track 2: Track 2: Students will participate in a six-part series based on Kouzes and Posner’s Student Leadership Challenge. This work is based on research identifying the five practices of exemplary leadership.
      • Facilitated discussion on each leadership theory is presented and discussed
      • Students will review text prior to each meeting and be prepared to present and facilitate group dialogue and application exercises based on each topic of discussion
  • Practical Leadership Experience: student involvement in campus life through membership in and contributions towards advancing leadership development for self and others.
    • Students must join two student organizations
    • Students must provide leadership for a campus program or initiative as a responsibility of their involvement with a student organization or campus position (employment, assistantship/internship, service project, etc.)
    • Student Resume and Co-Curricular Record must be updated and reviewed by Career Center staff (resume) and Campus Life staff (co-curricular record).
  • Capstone Project: As an individual or team, the student(s) will develop and implement a unique program that is designed to advance leadership theory for other students, through an activity, seminar, or program. This project must be based on the Student Leadership Challenge and foster student development, learning, and growth around the Five Exemplary Practices of Leadership.

Leadership Education Requirements: Designed to encourage participating students to advance their leadership and team development knowledge, skills, and techniques. Requirements for the Certificate Program were developed through professional feedback from ISU personnel, a review of the Professional Standards for Higher Education (CAS), and research of skills employers are seeking from college graduates.

Leadership Certificate Mentor Requirements: Participating students are asked to identify and develop a positive working relationship with an ISU faculty or staff member as a "leadership mentor." Once a mentor is identified, students are required to meet with their mentor a minimum of three times (at the beginning of the certificate process, at a mid-point once several certificate requirements have been achieved, and once when the student is nearing the completion of the certificate program to complete the mentor assessment).

Capstone Project: This project is designed to allow the student to give back to the ISU community by developing and implementing a unique program that will benefit the various constituencies of ISU. This could include a workshop, training, seminar, activity, or program targeted to a specific audience whereby the attendees will have a co-curricular experience that contributes to student engagement and student success. Project consultations will be completed by leadership mentors and Campus Life staff.

Certificate Completion: Students participating in the Leadership Certificate Program will be enrolled into a Blackboard course for tracking and monitoring progress through the program. Campus Life staff will certify progress and completion of each requirement. Career Center will issue the Leadership Certificate upon verification of all requirements met. Leadership Certificate certification will be duly noted on the student’s Co-Curricular Record.

For more information and to register, please contact Ellen Malito, Associate Director, Student Activities and Organizations, Freda Luers Director of Campus Life 812-237-3840.


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