ISU Certificate Programs

Indiana State University – Faculty/Staff Administered Certificate Programs

Sycamore Career Ready Certificate

The Sycamore Career Ready Certificate is offered by the Career Center to prepare students for internship and professional job search proficiency as well as the graduate school application and admission process. This model ensures that students who complete the program have received extensive professional development in career planning and written and oral communication skills related to the job search. Students earn the Sycamore Career Ready Certificate based on the set of proficiencies they demonstrate in: Professional Identity (exploring strengths, ideal careers, and developing tools to market skills to employers) Professional Experience (building relevant experience as well as training in professional practices) Professional Skills (identifying and articulating transferable skills and preparing for the job search process)

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Workplace Professional Skills Certificate

The Workplace Professional Skills Certificate is designed to train Indiana State University students in professional workplace skills that will benefit them in their student employment positions as well as their internships and future professional employment. This model ensures that students who complete the program have received supplemental training applicable to the demands of the job market. Students will be able to address topics such as professional customer service, diversity training, sexual harassment prevention, confidentiality and communication skills. To receive the certificate, students will complete five required modules and 10 elective modules through Sycamore eLearning powered by SkillSoft. Students are also required to complete a minimum of 200 hours of student employment with one department in order to qualify for the certificate.

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Leadership Certificate

The ISU Leadership Certificate Program is a self-paced, comprehensive, leadership development program designed to encourage and recognize student leadership education and experiences at Indiana State University. The program is adaptable so all students can work toward achieving this distinguished recognition. The ISU Leadership Program will assist students in addressing the following: Demonstrates student’s leadership and team/organization development skills Highlights developmental outcomes of each leadership experience Assists students as they transition to leadership and group dynamic roles within a work or applied environment Curriculum and theory-based leadership development models A university-certified record of leadership skill development and application The ISU Leadership Certificate Program will provide opportunities for students to develop the competencies required for effective leadership (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, Foundations of leadership, personal development, Interpersonal development, and development of groups, organization, and systems.

See for more information and to register, please contact Ellen Malito, Associate Director, Student Activities and Organizations,, 812-237-3830

Certificate in Sustainability Leadership

The Sustainability Certificate program explores the interconnections between economic, social, and environmental issues toward a basic understanding of sustainability. Students will learn these principles in addition to effective leadership skills, empowering students in all areas of study to use their knowledge of sustainability to better society. Upon successful completion of this program, students will demonstrate leadership skills in sustainability and be able to apply these skills to their chosen field. The program consists of three discussion-based seminar sessions, three assigned activities outside of seminars, 10 hours of community service related to sustainability, and one capstone presentation. The seminar sessions include: What is Sustainability? Making Change Theory into Practice This certificate is designed for upperclassmen who have declared a major, but all undergraduates may participate in this program.

For more information contact Caroline Savage, Institute for Community Sustainability For information on credit-bearing certificates, including the Non Profit Leadership Alliance Certificate, please see

Team Facilitation Certificate

This program prepares students to work with groups in an experiential context for purposes related to team and individual. Concepts explored will relate to experiential education, group development, and adventure-challenge education. Multiple-methods of learning will be offered, including lecture, role- playing, activity participation, individual reflection, and group discussion. Students that successfully complete the certification will be eligible to pursue Facilitator Certification and employment in the ISU Keystone Adventure Program, an adventure-based learning program which includes open-field cooperative games, minimal-prop initiatives, two team initiatives courses, a High Ropes Course and a three-sided Universal Climbing Tower. Certification requirements include completion of RCSM 363 and RCSM 363L and structured observations and evaluations with the teams initiative and high ropes courses and climbing tower. The first step for completion of this certification is enrollment in RCSM 363 and RCSM 363L during the fall semester.

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