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Getting Started with Handshake

We can help students and alumni in all stages of the career planning and decision-making process. It is never too early to start a relationship with our office! You are on a "career journey", whether you are a first-semester freshman, seeking to continue your education, or thinking about a career change.

Explore & Prepare


  • Focus2 - Focus2 is a website that gives a series of short assessments that students can take to help them identify potential majors and occupations that best suit their interests, values, and skill sets.
  • What Can I Do With This Major - This website provides a list of majors that a student can look through and click on to view more detail about them. The information provided in a listing of a major is typically common careers utilized by the major, typical employers that hire in that field, and strategies to optimize career opportunities. Websites included in the links section provides additional information about each major and the occupations commonly associated with it.
  • Learn More Indiana - Learn More Indiana is a website dedicated to helping all students from pre-K to college age in the Hoosier State complete their education. The website gives aid in areas such as planning your career, preparing for college, and mapping out costs and planning for each of them respectively. It also gives links to many resources and provides a planning checklist for students pursuing their education.
  • Candid Career - Candid Career aims to provide students honest information about careers along. The website gives students planning help for careers through videos so that can learn as much as they can about their options before choosing a career path. The video interviews are filmed without narration or actors and are just real people speaking about their career experiences.
  • Career Readiness Competencies -  is the attainment and demonstration of requisite compentencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace.
  • ISU Certificate Programs - Various leadership, and workplace certificate programs which prepare college students for the workplace. 
  • Career Learning Modules - Learning modules that will assist students for a specific career and professional skill development. 


  • BigInterview  - BigInterview is a platform targeted to coaching a student through the interviewing process with insights, practice questions, and mock interviews so that they can nail their interview.
  • Ten Thousand Coffees - The ISU Career Center’s mentoring platform where students and mentors select topics that they are seeking advice or willing to mentor on and then Ten Thousand Coffees pairs the best student/mentor matches. After this students and mentors determine how often they connect, whether it is in person or virtually, and what the mentoring will consist of. Conversation themes and icebreakers are provided to help make conversation easier.
  • UpKey - We provide high school seniors and college students with fun, interesting, and engaging learning tracks to help them cultivate a marketable professional image, show off their grit and tenacity, and emphasize their potential. We’re here to level the playing field. If you share our vision for a more diverse, inclusive world where opportunities aren’t just limited to the privileged and every young person gets a chance to shine, we want to hear from you.

Graduate School Prep

Selecting a Program
  • Indiana State University College of Graduate and Professional Studies - A doctoral research institution with more than 75 graduate programs that is committed to offering students a rich and rigorous curriculum. Students can pursue certificates in as concentrated area of study, enroll in professional development courses, and fulfill continuing education requirements.
  • Graduate School Preparation Guide - A PDF provided by the Indiana State University Career Center that gives a list of important tips for graduate school such as the Do’s and Dont’s of personal statements, paying for graduate school, links, and school year plan guidelines.
  • Peterson's Guide - A resource for finding scholarships, test prep, and graduate schools that meet a grad student’s needs.
  • US News Best Graduate Schools - A resource that lists over 2,000 graduate schools to aid a student in finding the best program for them.
  • - A resource where a student can find an affordable graduate school from accredited schooling programs and narrow their search based on what type of program they are searching for or the major they have.
  • Graduate Prep - A website that not only provides students access to search for graduate schools but also has a series of resources and helpful advice and articles to assist in their search
Graduate School Admissions Test Information
  • ISU Learning Express Library Instructions - 
  • KAPLAN (Test Prep and Admissions) - A website that provides preparation for over 120 tests.
  • GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) - A site that aids in finding a business graduate school by providing information, tools, and a resource that allows you to search and compare schools.
  • GRE On-line (Graduate Record Examination) - A site where you can take the GRE for graduate school. You decide what scores you want to send to schools and you can retake the test if you felt your scores were unsatisfactory. 
  • MCAT - Here, you are able to prepare for taking the Medical College Admission Test by studying on your own or with a teacher. The Kaplan website also gives MCAT consultations for prepping, and claims that if you do not get higher scores on your MCAT, you will get your money back.
  • LSAT - The Law School Admission Test website provides official prep resources, sample tests, and a materials list for free to aid in your studying. It also allows you to register online for your official test-taking day.
  • Powerscore - An interactive classroom and one-on-one private tutoring website meant to aid in preparing for major tests such as the LSAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, and SAT.
Other Resources
  • CV Check Sheet - A checklist for your curriculum vitae which is an overview of your career history.

Internship Resources

Internships Search
  • Handshake - By signing into their ISU Cloud, students can schedule an appointment to receive aid from a Career Coach with Internships.
  • IndianaINTERNnet - A free and easy way to find internships in a variety of regions, fields and industries throughout Indiana.
  • - A website that helps you find internships along with giving you tips for resumes, cover letter, and nailing your interview.
  • LinkedIn - Here, one can post a job listing, find a job, or find a course or training to find the right job or internship for them.Get up-to-date contact information, including email addresses, for millions of companies.
  • Parker Dewey - If you are launching your career, Parker Dewey provides a tremendous opportunity. Not only can you explore different career paths and work on interesting assignments, you can also demonstrate your abilities to potential employers while building your professional portfolio and network. Beyond that, your academic experience will improve as you apply what is taught in the classroom to the real world (and vice versa). Oh, did we forget to mention that you get paid for all of this?


Disney College Program - An internship open to all majors and located both in California and Florida. Through the internships, students can network with Disney leaders, earn college credit, live in a multicultural environment with 24-hour secured student housing, and enjoy unlimited admission to all four Walt Disney World Theme Parks.

Internship Scholarship Programs - A series of several different programs with specific criteria mean to support targeted experiences that will develop students' understanding of themselves and a meaningful career path.

How to Request an Experience in Handshake - A guide for ISU students wishing to apply for experiences with or without credit.

Summer Internship Guidance 


Career Center Resources

Funding Opportunities
  • Etiquette Dinner Fee Waiver  - At this link, students can apply for a fee waiver for the Career Center etiquette diners. There a limited number of fee waivers ($20) for each of the etiquette dinners which will be awarded based on a student’s expressed need and other requirements mentioned on the page.
  • Financial Assistance for Certificates and Designations - Here, the Career Center can help eligible students defray or eliminate' out of pocket expenses for fees associated with professional certifications through financial reimbursement.
  • Focus Indiana Student Organization Career Readiness Mini Grant - This links to an Indiana State University page where students and faculty can apply for up to $1000 in grant funds that are used to support career readiness initiatives that are organized by ISU student organizations. Funds may be used for travel, supplies, food, and marketing. Only 5 applications allowed per applicant. Please read the page for more information on requirements and terms.


  • Career Fair Preparation Guide - A PDF guide on how to prepare for the Career Fair with what to do before and during the fair, a clothing guide, a list of four steps to success, and more.
  • Overview of Career Center Services - This is a video discussing an overview of Career Center Services.
  • Cover Letter Writing Guide - A PDF guide to writing cover letters that includes a template, sample and rubric for cover letters
  • Writing a Letter of Recommendation - A PDF guide to writing a letter of recommendation.
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) FAQ for International Students - A PDF that explains what Curricular Practical Training is, who is eligible for it, what jobs are available through CPT, and other information
  • Resources for Diverse Populations - The Career Center’s resources where the resources are targeted to the group listed. The diverse student populations resources range from veterans to first generations, latinx, disabled, and international students
  • Federal Government Job and Internship Search Handout - This PDF provides advice on applying for Federal Government positions from listing links and resources to stating key points to focus on when creating your resume.​
  • Industry Sample Resumes - Resumes to specific majors and industries.
  • Interview Preparation Guide - A PDF preparation guide that covers different types of interview such as a screening or phone interview, how to prepare before the interview, strategies for answering questions, and other things.
  • Networking Guide -  A guide that covers a series of topics on networking such as how to get started, developing and managing a personal brand, how to utilize social media, and other advice.
  • Nursing Job Search - This guide aims to assist those looking for nursing jobs in tasks such as how to craft their resume, making an effective cover letter, tips for creating a reference sheet, and many other things.
  • Resume Writing Guide - A guide on writing resumes that gives advice on many subjects from making effective bullet points to providing a reference sheet and rubric for you to evaluate your resume
  • Teacher Job Search Guide - A resource targeted to students pursuing a career in teaching that gives tips on how to develop their portfolio, provides job search resources, and other help to make things easier.
  • Writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) - A guide in writing a curriculum vitae (an overview on one’s career) that gives examples for example CV’s based on the branch of education a student studied in and some other tips.


Student No Show and Cancellation Policy - A listing of the rules, policies, and procedures for no-shows and cancellations for events, interviews, and appointments.


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