Career Learning Modules

As part of the Lilly Endowment Focus Indiana project, the Career Center has created mini-learning modules that will assist students in specific career and professional skill development. These learning modules can be used as assignments for faculty to adopt in their classes, or for students to use on their own to practice the skill associated with that module. They are very short activity-based units that cover a variety of career topics that tend be more challenging or frustrating to students and job seekers.

Each module can be completed in 10-15 minutes and contains resources, activities, and opportunities to practice. New learning modules will be added throughout the year.

Click on the title of the module you would like to complete to open it in a new tab. Use the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the top and bottom of each page to navigate throughout the lesson. While the essay activities indicate that your submission will be saved, your answers to these activities are not saved. Please save your work separately if you would like to save your submissions.

Preparing an Elevator Pitch 

Developing Powerful Resume Bullet Points 

Writing a Post-Interview Thank You Note

Uploading Your Resume to SCL ​

Starting Your Interview Off Right: Answering the "Get to Know You" Questions 

Follow Up Email Communication to an Employer 

Unexpected Interview Activities

Career Fair Preparation – Mapping Your Steps to Success