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Career Center Guides & Workshop Recordings


  • Career Competencies - A guide for connecting career skills with the career competencies published by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE)
  • Career Fair Preparation Guide - A guide on how to prepare for the Career Fair with what to do before and during the fair, a clothing guide, a list of four steps to success, and more.
  • Cover Letter Writing Guide* - A guide to writing cover letters that includes a template, sample and rubric for cover letters.
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) FAQ for International Students - A PDF that explains what Curricular Practical Training is, who is eligible for it, what jobs are available through CPT, and other information
  • Curriculum Vitae Writing Guide* - A guide in writing a curriculum vitae (an overview on one’s career) that gives examples for example CV’s based on the branch of education a student studied in and some other tips.
  • Federal Government Job and Internship Search Handout - This PDF provides advice on applying for Federal Government positions from listing links and resources to stating key points to focus on when creating your resume.​
  • Grad School Preparation Guide* - Guide outlining common tests for entrance to grad school, tips for personal statements, and additional resources.
  • Informational Interview and Job Shadowing Guide* - Guide outlining best practices for Informational Interviews and Job Shadowing.
  • Interview Preparation & Negotiation Guide - Guide outlinings tips for preparing and doing well during an interview. 
  • Networking Guide 2021* -  A guide that covers a series of topics on networking such as how to get started, developing and managing a personal brand, how to utilize social media, and other advice.
  • Nursing Job Search - This guide aims to assist those looking for nursing jobs in tasks such as how to craft their resume, making an effective cover letter, tips for creating a reference sheet, and many other things.
  • Online Career Center Resources* - Guide outlining current available resources online. 
  • Overview of Career Center Services- This is a video discussing an overview of Career Center Services.
  • Resume Writing Guide* - A guide on writing resumes that gives advice on many subjects from making effective bullet points to providing a reference sheet and rubric for you to evaluate your resume
  • Teacher Job Search Guide - A resource targeted to students pursuing a career in teaching that gives tips on how to develop their portfolio, provides job search resources, and other help to make things easier
  • Writing a Letter of Recommendation - A PDF guide to writing a letter of recommendation.

Recorded Workshops

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  • ​​HR & Salary Negotiation - A workshop about the hiring process and tips for negotiating your salary.
  • Ditch the Debt - A workshop with tips and tools for reducing debt, especially student loans, and ways to stay on budget.
  • OPT & CPT - A workshop for international students explaining the application process for OPT & CPT,  and important documents needed for the process.

Workshops in the Sycamore Alumni Speaker Series

*Updated Summer 2021



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