College of Arts & Sciences Distinguished Alumnus Award

Design Prospectus


The ISU College of Arts & Sciences is sponsoring a competition, in coordination with the Department of Art & Design, for the design of the CAS Distinguished Alumni Award. This award is presented by the Dean of Arts & Sciences to distinguished alumni for their outstanding achievements.

The ISU College of Arts & Sciences helps to expand our understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live. Recipients of this award have improved communication and the human experience through a wide range of professional endeavors. A successful design will attempt to embrace, and honor equally, accomplishments of alumni from across the College of Arts and Sciences and from their equally diverse professional lives.


To help ensure a unique and meaningful design, the College of Arts & Sciences has created this opportunity just for members of the College, both past and present. The competition is open to any current student or faculty working within the College of Arts & Sciences. Alumni of the College of Arts & Sciences may be invited to participate by any eligible participant in the competition.


Design Dimensions - No more than 10” in Height (including any material used as a base. No more than 7” in both Width and Depth.

Design Imagery - Imagery for the design is completely open, but needs to embrace the Arts & Sciences as a whole. Common symbolism for such awards would generally include a globe, hands, a book, etc. While such symbols are available for this award design, they are not required.

Design Considerations - Consideration must be given to the ease of a model’s final form of replication, as copies of the design will need to be reproduced every year. (For instance, if the design’s final form is meant to be ceramic, then consideration should be given to whether the design can readily be slip cast. If the model is digital, it should developed as “ready to print.”)

Final material choices that lend Substance and Weight to the finished piece are considered positives.

Some area of the design requires room available for a label with engraving for the recipient’s name.

Design Submission - The design may be submitted as a “to scale” digital model or as digital image documentation of a “to scale” physical model. Digital image documentation must be submitted as a minimum of 6 “.jpg” images of multiple views, with at least one or two views indicating dimensions. Digital models may be submitted in any of the following formats: .obj, .stl, .fbx, .rhp, .3ds. Prior consideration should be given to a digital model’s ability to be ready for print/digital output.

Entry Information & Timeline:
All entries must be submitted by no later than: March 2, 2020

Please include the following information with your submission:


Status within the College of Art & Sciences: Student, Faculty, Alumnus
If Alumnus, please include the name of the member of CAS participating in the competition who invited you to participate.

Contact Information: E-mail & Phone

Digital models or Digital Documentation may submitted via e-mail.
 E-mail to:

Please use the Subject Heading: CAS Alumnus Award Competition

Award & Notification:

Honorarium: $750.00 for the winning selection

The Selection Committee will review the entries during the first week in March, and personal notifications will be made at that time. The winner will be publically announced by the College and the Dean at the annual Spring Address and via CAS media.


If you have and questions please e-mail them to:
Please use the Subject Heading: CAS Alumnus Award Competition