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Women's History Month

Schedule for 2021 Women’s History Month Colloquium

For Women’s History Month Colloquium is sponsored by:

 Gender Studies, Multidisciplinary Studies, the Cunningham Memorial Library, American Democracy Project, The Eugene V. Debs Museum, and The Schellenburg Social Justice and Community Endowed Fund.

Asynchronous Displays Week of March 29-April 2:

Around campus—yard signs on African American Women’s History. Additionally, projects from honors students in Dr. Kim Stanley’s HIST 213: African American Women’s History.

On the Cunningham Memorial Library blog, a virtual student exhibit with posters on women in health policy from Dr. Fairbanks HIST 313: American Health Policy. Posters will be up on the library blog on March 30. Links to groups of posters:

March 29th (Monday) 9 AM Zoom Webinar

Dr. Ruth Fairbanks, “A Citizenship of her Own: American Women, Suffrage and Citizenship” Hosted by GNDR 301: Gender, Race and Nation

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A Citizenship of Her Own

March 30th (Tuesday) 

No events

March 31st (Wednesday) 10 AM Zoom Webinar

Katrina Babb, Instructor of Economics, “Gender wage gaps in the US”

Dr. Debra Israel, Chairperson and Associate Professor of Economics “Gender disparities in developing economies” Hosted by ECON 353: Gender & Economics

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Gender Wage Gaps

April 1st (Thursday) 9:30 AM and a second tour at 12:30 AM

Tour of the Debs House museum with Allison Duerk, “Kate’s House: Women’s History at the Debs Museum”

Hosted by Dr. Lisa Philips and HIST 313: Race, Class, and Gender in US History

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Kate's House

April 2nd (Friday) 12 PM Zoom Webinar

Student Presentations on Perspectives on Income Inequality, moderated by Katrina Babb

Dalton Veach, “Is Income Inequality a Global Problem?”

Corey Vail, “The Impacts of COVID-19 on Income Inequality in the US,”

John McGlone, “Potential Policy Solutions for Income Inequality”

Hosted by ECON 351: Labor Economics

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Perspectives on Income Inequality

April 5th (Monday) 10 AM Zoom Webinar

Discussion of documentary film Passion and Power: The Technology of Orgasm

Hosted by Dr. Amanda Lubold and SOC 443: Gender Stratification

You can watch the documentary beforehand (or later) at

Join the discussion over zoom meeting on Monday at 10 at:

Passion and Power Flyer