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Affiliated Faculty

Arif Akgul 

School of Criminology & Security Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
Specialization: International Security, Intelligence Analysis, Transnational Crimes 
Area Interests: Europe, Middle East

Andrea Arrington
Department of History - African and African American Studies, College of Arts & Sciences
Specialization: African History, Comparative Women's History, Atlantic World History
Area Interests: Sub-Saharan Africa
Lisa Calvin
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Specialization: Spanish language, Folk cultures 
Language: Spanish  
Michael Chambers
Department of Political Science
Specialization: China, East Asia, Asia-Pacific region, international politics, security, political economy, diplomacy, international environmental issues
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Aruna Chandra
Department of Management, Information Systems and Business Education
Specialization: International business, global entrepreneurship, business incubators - international comparisons/languages
Interests: China, India, and Latin America
Languages: French, Kannada, Portuguese, and Tamil
Melanie D'Amico
Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Specialization: Spanish & Italian languages, language acquisition, and study abroad
Interests: Spain and Italy
Languages: Italian and Spanish
Lisa Kay Decker
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Specialization: Criminoolgy, criminal justice, comparative criminal justice systems, and comparative policing
Area Interests: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and United Kingdom
Christopher Fischer
Department of History
Specialization: Germany, France, cultural history, and history of the world wars
Anne Foster
Department of History
Specialization: U.S. foreign relations, Southeast Asia, and imperialism
James Gustafson
Deptartment of History and Political Science (affiliate)
Specialization: Iran, Middle East, Central Asia, Islamic civilization 
Languages: Arabic, French, German, and Persian
Cody Hanson
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Specialization: Spanish language; Latin American literature
Area Interest: Latin America
Language: Spanish
Darlene Hantzis
Department of Communications
Timothy Hawkins
Department of History and International Studies
Specialization: Latin America and Latino studies, history of Spain and its empire
Languages: Spanish

Wei He
Department of Management, Information Systems, and Business Education - Scott College of Business
Specialization: Human resources, social and managerial psychology, and international business management
Area Interests: People's Republic of China and Asian Pacific region
Language: Chinese - native speaker
Kathleen Heath
Department of Earth and Environmental Systems
Specialization: Bio-cultural anthropology, human ecology, paleo-ethnobotany

Debra Israel
Department of Economics
Specialization: Development economics, environmental economics (including international comparisons)
Interests: Bolivia and Latin America
Languages: Spanish 
Isaac Land
Department of History
Specialization: Britain, the Atlantic community, and early modern Europe   

Richard Lotspeich
Department of Economics
Specialization: Russia, China, former Soviet Republics, Cuba comparative economic systems, transitional economies, and institutional economics 
Languages: Chinese (elementary), French, Russian, and Spanish
Robyn Lugar
Department of Social Work  
Shawn Phillips
Department of Earth and Environmental Systems
Specialization: Bio-archeology of North America and the Caribbean
Donald Richards
Department of Economics
Specialization: Economic development, international economics, and Latin America
Languages: Spanish
N. Ann Rider
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Specialization: Culture and society of German speaking countries, gender studies, Holocaust and genocide studies
Languages: German
Richard Schneirov
Department of History 
Donna Selman
College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Associate Dean
Speciallization: Criminology, criminal justice, political economy of criminal justice, and sociology
Area of Interests: Albania and Canada
Barbara Skinner
Department of History
Specialization: Russia, Eastern Europe, and European religious history
Languages: Russian 
Chui Ying "Sala" Wong
Department of Art and Design
Specialization: International art projects, interactive digital art installations, international culture, large scale multimedia art installation
Languages: Chinese
Bassam Yousif
Department of Economics  
Specialization: Economic development, international economics, the Middle East, and North Africa
Languages: Arabic 

Keri Yousif
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Specialization: France, French language, literature, and the visual arts
Languages: French