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Bring international perspectives to your course work.       Prepare for a globalized job market.

The International Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program of 25 credit hours that combines course work from several key disciplines, including Anthropology, Business, Economics, Geography, History, Languages, and Political Science. The Program allows students to “internationalize” virtually any field, including majors in:  business, education, health care administration, languages, legal studies, nursing, occupational safety management, public administration, the social sciences, social work, sports management, and technology management.



For More Information, Contact:

Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, Holmstedt Hall 291, (812) 237-2713

Dr. Katherine Lee, Interim Chairperson, Multidisciplinary Studies, Holmstedt Hall 291 (812) 237-2713,

Dr. James Gustafson - Academic Advisor for International Studies,