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International Studies Minor

International Studies Minor – 25 credit hours

      Effective as of Fall 2013

The IS Minor consists of 25 credit hours, including 16 from specified core courses and 9 credit hours from approved 300 or 400 level courses with a regional or thematic focus.  Students design their programs of study in consultation with the International Studies Academic Advisor.  Students must also participate in an approved study abroad program or complete a substantial research paper in international studies.  During their senior year students take International Studies 490 (1 credit hour) in which they complete a self-reflective project that draws together several aspects of their experiences in the course work and the study abroad program (or their research paper).


Foreign Language(s) (6 credit hours)

         Six credit hours in any foreign language(s) beyond the ISU Foundational Studies requirement for   

         foreign language.

 World History (3 credit hours)

            HIST 102 – Studies in World Civilization since 1500

 International Social Processes (6 credit hours)

             Students must take two courses from the following four. 

             Only one may be in political science.

            Economics:              ECON 100 – Basic Economics

            Cultural:                    ENVI 130 – World Cultures and Environments

            Political Science:     PSCI 271 – Introduction to International Relations

                                                PSCI 280 – Introduction to Comparative Politics

 Thematic or Regional Focus (9 credit hours)

           Three courses at the 300 or 400 level focused on a particular region or theme. 

           These must be approved by the IS Academic Advisor.

 Study Abroad Program

     The Study Abroad Program must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of six credit hours (or equivalent) on site in an ISU-approved program.
  • Minimum of four weeks residence in the country where the study is pursued.

         Note:  Study abroad courses may be in any discipline, but if appropriate they can also be used for

        the foreign language or regional/thematic focus requirements.

 Capstone Course (1 credit hour)

         International Studies:  IS-490 - Senior Project in International Studies