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Music Industry Studies Minor

24 total credits

Music Core Common Requirements (9 credits)
Required of ALL Music Industry Studies minor students.

MUS 207: Introduction to the Music Industry
MUS 307: Career Management in the Music Industry
MUS 334: Topics in Music

Music Choice (3 credits)

For ALL minor students; choose one of the following music courses:

MUS 101: Fundamentals of Music
MUS 150: Introduction to Musical Traditions
MUS 233: Music Appreciation
MUS 236: Survey of American Popular Music Traditions
MUS 237: Introduction to World Music and Culture
MUS 300: The History of Rock
MUS 333: Masterpieces of Classical Music

Courses Required for Non-Business Majors (9 credits):

ACCT 200: Survey of Accounting
MGT 301: Survey of Management
MKTG 301: Introduction to Marketing


Courses Required for Business Majors (9 credits):

BUS 201: Principles of Accounting I
BUS 361: Principles of Marketing
BUS 371: Management and Organizational Behavior

Music Electives (3 credits):

Any MUS course or combination of MUS courses (other than those otherwise applied towards the minor) including ensembles or applied study.