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Music Industry Studies Minor

24 credits

Music Core Common Requirements (9 credits)

Required of ALL Music Industry Studies Minor students.

MUS 207 Introduction to the Music Industry
MUS 307 Career Management in the Music Industry
MUS 334 Topics in Music

Music Choice (3 credits)

For ALL Minor students; choose one of the following Music courses:

MUS 101 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 150 Introduction to Musical Traditions
MUS 233 Music Appreciation
MUS 236 Survey of American Popular Music Traditions
MUS 237 Introduction to World Music and Culture
MUS 300 The History of Rock
MUS 333 Masterpieces of Classical Music

Courses required for non-Business Majors (9 credits):

ACCT 200 Survey of Accounting
MGT 301 Survey of Management
MKTG 301 Introduction to Marketing


Courses required for Business Majors (9 credits):

BUS 201 Principles of Accounting I
BUS 361 Principles of Marketing
BUS 371 Management and Organizational Behavior

Music Electives (3 credits):

Any MUS course or combination of MUS courses (other than those otherwise applied towards the minor)
including ensembles or applied study.