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Faculty Research

Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts


Cleghorn K, Muse D, Brown N, and Steding, CE. Small Treatments Exhibit Significant 

Phenotypic and Behavioral Consequences: A critical Investigation into the Effect of Long-term Treatment with Dimethyl Sulfoxide on Breast Cancer Cells. (manuscript under review). 

Faozia S, Fahmi T, Port G & Cho KH The activity of c-di-AMP-regulated K+ importer KtrAB affects biofilm formation, stress response, and SpeB expression of Streptococcus pyogenes. (manuscript under review). 

Kump, A. J., Panta, M., Inlow, M. H., and Ahmad, S. M.  The Forkhead/Fox domain transcription factor Jumeau mediates specific cardiac progenitor cell divisions by regulating the expression of the kinesin Nebbish. (manuscript under review). 

Panta, M., Kump, A. J., Dalloul, J. M., Schwab, K. R., and Ahmad, S. M.  Three distinct mechanisms, Notch instructive, permissive, and independent, regulate the expression of two different pericardial genes to specify cardiac cell subtypes in Drosophila melanogaster. (manuscript under review). 

Popescu,Saskia and Nathan Myers. (2020, forthcoming). "Interdisciplinary Information for Infectious Disease Response: Exercising for Improved Medical/Public Health Communication and Collaboration" Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.


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Myers, N. G. (2020). Pandemics and Polarization: Implications of Partisan Budgeting for Public Health Emergencies. Lexington Books.


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Grunst, A.S., Grunst, M.L., Formica, V.A.,Korody, M.L., Betuel, A.M., Barcelo-Serra, M., Ford, S., Gonser, R.A., and Tuttle, E.M. 2018. Morph-specific patterns of reproductive senescence: connections to discrete reproductive strategies American Naturalist 191(6):744-755. 

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Other Publications


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Submissions (under consideration/review)

Myers, N., Mikolaj, P., and Steding, C.E. 2015. FDA Regulation of Laboratory-Developed Genetic Tests: A Wicked Problem in Need of an Interdisciplinary Solution?

Grunst, A.S., Grunst, M.L., Rathbun, N.A.*, Hubbard J.K., Saffran R.J., Gonser, R.A., & Tuttle, E.M. Submitted Phenotypic selection in a polymorphic species I: Disruptive selection on plumage coloration. Animal Behaviour.

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