MFA Miami University
BFA Wright State University
AAS Ohio Institute of Photography

Phone: (812) 237-2735

E-mail: Mark.Cela@indstate.edu

Mark Cela


Mark’s research involves the unique attachment to physical objects over digital alternatives. He is fascinated by the bond people develop to physical objects and how design plays a part in these experiences. 

His creative work involves stories through illustration. The subject matter is often fantastic in nature, usually set in traditional fantasy environments or feudal Japan. 

Professionally Mark worked as a designer and illustrator for Twentieth Century Fox on the Simpsons and Futurama product lines, Warner Brothers on Looney Tunes, and in automotive advertising for companies such as Ford, General Motors, and Toyota. Mark is currently working on concept illustrations involving characters and environments for an independent gaming company.

Link to Mark Cela's professional work: markcelagraphics.com