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Ceramics - Graduate


In our master of fine arts (MFA) program in ceramics, the student may pursue study in pottery, sculpture, tile mosaics, or other areas of interest. While being cognizant of tradition; the graduate program is designed to encourage innovation and creativity.

The ceramics studio is located in the Dick Hay Memorial Art Annex with more than 6,200 square feet of floor space. The studio has excellent facilities; indoor and outdoor kiln areas containing 15 kilns, 16 wheels, independent clay and glaze mixing rooms, and a fully-stocked, raw-materials-storage room.

The unusual number of large kilns and the physical configuration of the studio allow students the opportunity to work in a size not feasible in most university ceramics programs. Moreover, beyond the normal complement of studio courses available, instruction in glaze calculation and kiln design add to the professional nature of this program. Students may choose to explore Raku, soda firing, high temperature reduction, low temperature, wood, or other experimental firing techniques. The proximity of the 3-D studios to the ceramics studio provides students with excellent opportunities for combined media work. 


Kira Enriquez