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Sculpture - Graduate

The sculpture program at ISU offers instruction in a wide range of media: metal fabrication, wood fabrication, plaster, fibers, light, polyester resins, and mixed media. The sculpture studio occupies 4,600 square feet in the Dick Hay Memorial Art Annex building. It is divided into studios for welding & metal fabrication, wood fabrication and mixed-media construction.

The entire sculpture area is serviced by an overhead bridge crane system. In addition, the student is furnished with an assortment of electrical and pneumatic hand tools plus a full complement of welders: M.I.G., T.I.G., & stick, plasma cutters, shears, breaks and other power equipment which provide an exciting, professional workplace for motivated students.

Graduate students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of media and process in order to refine aesthetic direction and focus. Mastery of process techniques and content, as evidenced by a professional-level final exhibition, is required at the conclusion of the student's graduate studies, and prepares the student for the next level of advancement in the professional world of the visual arts.


Chester Burton