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Media Realization Center [MRC]

The Media Realization Center [MRC] was established in 2017 as the anchor space for the Digital Art area and the Digital Media MFA program, fostering the integration of creative projects and research in the exploration of ideas and ways of collaboration. With the completion of the 16-million-dollar Fine Arts Building renovation in September 2019, the expanded MRC opened with 1,300 square feet of flexible space designed for collaborative experimentation with cutting-edge technologies including industry-standard software, projection mapping, animation, HTC Vive-based virtual reality system, mobile technologies and mixed reality, 3D printing, large-format scanning, stop-motion animation, chromakey, video and sound production. The facility serves the Digital Art area as a studio and workshop allowing students to engage with possibilities beyond those offered by conventional computer labs, and the freedom to push the boundaries of presentation and exhibition formats. The MRC also houses a wide-range of equipment including unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), 360-degree/4K video cameras and TV displays, projectors (including short-throw and stereoscopic projectors), portable VR equipment, audio recorders, drawing tablets and lighting kits.

Administration Assistants

Bailee Melvin ('22)

Kevin Naylor ('23) - Graduate Assistant

Ethan Newport ('24)

James White ('24)