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Microbiology (Ph.D.)

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The completion of the degree qualifies individuals for university teaching, research, or professional work in the respective discipline. Each candidate's individual program of study (coursework) is based on the individual's knowledge and ability upon entering the program and their specific objectives. After completion of course work, all students must pass written and oral qualifying examinations, followed by submission of an acceptable dissertation based on original research.

Specific Requirements:

A minimum of 83 semester hours of graduate credit are required, including an acceptable dissertation (899--18 hrs.); 640--1 hr. (required twice); 660--2 hr.; 690--1 hr. (required at least once); and at least two area seminars (620, 630, 650, 670, or 680--2 hrs. each).

Areas for the major and minor, as well as further requirements which may be appropriate, will be determined by the student's committee. Selection of the major professor and committee should be done no later than the end of the first academic year. Demonstration of proficiency in two research tools is required. Research tools include those foreign languages approved by the student's committee and the department, statistics, and computer programming. Research tools are regulated by the department. The student must satisfactorily pass both written and oral preliminary examinations and must demonstrate satisfactory performance on a final oral examination and dissertation defense.

Note that the School of Graduate Studies requires that students must complete one of the two consecutive full-time residence semesters before advancing to candidacy. By special arrangement with this department, hourly loads for the residence requirement can be reduced from nine to eight hours per consecutive semester.

Each candidate must participate in the teaching program of the department for at least two semesters or one semester and a full summer session.

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