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Ghosh, Swapan


Ph.D., University of Calcutta

Phone: 812-237-2416


Office: Science Building 287G Ghosh.jpg

Undergraduate and graduate courses taught: Immunology and Lab (BIOL 408/508, 408L/508L), cell Biology (Biol417/517), General biology (Biol112)

Research Interests: tumor immunology, carcinogenesis, immunoregulation and development of sensitive immunoassays for medical application.

Immunology is a rapidly expanding field that advances knowledge of the body's defenses against diseases. Dr. Ghosh's program includes both basic and applied aspects of the subject. The common denominator of these studies is delineation of the cellular and molecular events that occur in the cells of the immune system under normal and pathogenic conditions. Current projects include research in immune regulation of growth and differentiation of lymphoid and mammary tumors with the objectives of:

  • Desiging of vaccines to study the effects on tumor microenvironment
  • Designing of novel vaccines adjuvants to influence tumor microenvironment
  • Effects of modified self-proteins and/ or adjuvants in induction of anti-tumor immunity
  • Design of vaccines to prevent or deter bacterial infections
  • Biomarkers to assess mobilization of antigen-presenting cells during tumor growth
  • developing monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays


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A US patent on “Protein markers associated with bone marrow stem cell differentiation into early progenitor dendritic cells’, US patent # 8334368 issued December 18, 2012.

A Us patent on “Protein biomarkers associated with bone marrow stem cell differentiation into early progenitor dendritic cells # 7,642,045 issued on January 5, 2010

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