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Schwab, Kristopher

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Assistant Professor

Phone: 812-237-2683        


Office: Science Building 287L

Research Interests: molecular, genetic, and epigenetic regulation of gene expression during embryonic development, differentiation, and disease.

My research interests are broadly focused upon the mechanisms of gene regulation in embryonic development, cellular differentiation, and disease. The transcriptional changes induced by these processes occur due to the expression of powerful cell signaling molecules and transcription factors which control cellular function. Developmental gene regulatory networks not only pattern the developing embryo by regulating cellular differentiation, but also are erroneously activated or repressed in tissue injury exacerbating the disease or inducing cancer.  By studying gene function in the context of these different biological processes, we can better understand the actions of genes and their ability to prevent or cause human disease. 

Selected Publications and Abstracts/Presentations:

Schwab KR, Smith G, Dressler GR.  (2013).  Arrested Spermatogenesis and Evidence for DNA Damage in PTIP Mutant Testes.  Developmental Biology 373: 64-71.

Schwab KR, Patel SR, Dressler GR  (2011).  The role of PTIP in class switch recombination and long range chromatin interactions at the immunoglobulin heavy chain locus.  Mol Cell Biol. 31: 1503-1511.

Daniel JA, Santos MA, Wang Z, Zang C, Schwab KR, Jankovic M, Filsuf D, Chen HT, Gazumyan A, Yamane A, Cho YW, Sun HW, Ge K, Peng W, Nussenzweig MC, Casellas R, Dressler GR, Zhao K, Nussenzweig A.  (2010).  PTIP promotes chromatin changes critical for immunoglobulin class switch recombination.  Science 20: 917-923.

Schwab KR, Patterson LT, Hartman HA, Song N, Lang RA, Lin X, Potter SS. (2007).  Pygo1 and Pygo2 roles in Wnt signaling in mammalian kidney development.  BMC Biol. Apr 10: 5:15.

Song N, Schwab KR, Patterson LT, Yamaguchi T, Lin X, Potter SS, Lang RA. (2007). Pygopus2 has a critical, Wnt pathway-independent function in lens induction.  Development 134: 1873-85. 

Schwab K, Patterson LT, Aronow BJ, Hartman HA, Liang H, Potter SS. (2006).  Comprehensive gene expression analysis of normal and HoxA11/D11 null developing metanephric kidneys.  Dev Biol 293: 540-54.

Schwab K, Witte DP, Aronow BJ, Devarajan P, Potter SS, Patterson LT.  (2004).  Microarray analysis of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.  Am J Nephrol 24: 438-47.

Schwab K, Patterson LT, Aronow BJ, Luckas R, Liang H, Potter SS.  (2003).  A catalog of gene expression in the early developing metanephric kidney.  Kidney Int 64:1588-1604.