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Research Assistants

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Nicole Castaneda

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Zoe Delefortrie

I completed a Bachelor's degree in biology and ethnology as well as a Master's degree in biology of parasites and behavioral ecology  at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland.

I am currently a PhD candidate in Dr. Rusty Gonser's lab focusing on the white-throated sparrow. The White-Throated Sparrow Project studies the link between behavior, genetics and genomics. My research interests are focused on sexual selection, molecular ecology and the effect of parasites on behavior.

Nicholas Gabry

I am a PhD student in the Gonser Lab working on the White-Throated Sparrow Project. My research interest is in uncovering the ecological and genetic drivers of behavior, and placing them in the context of evolution and species conservation. Currently, my work with the white-throated sparrow includes investigations into dietary metabarcoding, breeding territory selection, and mate-choice.

Marcus Jorgensen