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Cellular and Microbiology

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Kyu Hong Cho -- Molecular Microbiology and pathogenesis.

Kathleen Dannelly -- Microbiology: control mechanisms of bacterial metabolic pathways and antibiotic resistance mechanisms.

Roy Geib -- Virology and Immunology: molecular biology of host-controlled resistance to oncogenic viruses (IUSMTH).

Rusty Gonser -- Population genetics using molecular methods; conservation biology.

Michael King-- Molecular and Developmental Biology: gene function in regeneration, early development and cancer (IUSMTH).

Timothy Mulkey -- Plant Physiology: hormones and calcium in the control of plant growth, development, and tropic responses. 

Steven P. Templeton -- Microbiology and Immunology: Immune responses to fungi (IUSMTH).   

Gabi Waite -- Physiology: medical and societal implications of electromagnetic fields (IUSMTH).