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Ecology, Systematics, & Evolution

birds nest

Yongsheng Bai -- Bioinformatics: Next-Generation Sequencing Pipeline Algorithm Development; Statistical Model Development; Comparative “Omics”; Genetics of Disease; Evolutionary Genomics; Development of Food Antimicrobials.

Rusty Gonser --  Population Genetics; conservation biology using molecular approaches; amphibian behavior.

Diana K. Hews -- Field Behavioral Endocrinology: hormonal control of sexual dimorphism in territorial aggression and color signals; sexual selection, hormones and alternative reproductive mating tactics; color signals and social communication

Steven L. Lima -- Professor; Behavioral & Evolutionary Ecology; predator-prey interactions; spatial predator-prey games; avian ecology; conservation biology.

William A. Mitchell --  Behavioral Ecology; community dynamics and mathematical modeling; determinants of species richness and spatial predator-prey games

Joy M. O’Keefe -- Assistant Professor, Vertebrate Ecology: bat ecology, multi-scale habitat selection, forest wildlife management, conservation biology.

Michael Lannoo -- Conservation Biology, Comparative and Developmental Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystem Restoration,Wetlands, Neuroanatomy.