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Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Scientists are the personnel that work in medical laboratories processing patient specimens to determine abnormalities during disease processes. They are trained to work in all areas of the hospital laboratory including blood chemistry, urinalysis, blood cross-matching and typing, hematology and microbiology. Jobs in Medical Laboratory Science start at $50-60,000/yr. At this time there is a shortage of clinical laboratory scientists and jobs are plentiful throughout the U.S.

Specialization in Medical Laboratory Science

Indiana State University Department of Biology offers a bachelor's degree in Biology with a Specialization in Medical Laboratory The degree is awarded after completion of the "3-plus-1" program consisting of three years of study at ISU and a one year hospital internship. Acceptance into an internship program at one of five affiliated hospitals must be obtained. The program culminates in an examination by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists to become a registered Medical Laboratory Scientist.  The student must apply to and be accepted for entrance into the 4th year clinical program. Entrance into the program requires maintaining at least an overall 2.7 GPA, though a 3.25 GPA, or above, will greatly increase the chances of being accepted into the competitive hospital program.

ISU is affiliated with five hospital programs in Indiana located in Hammond, two in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Vincennes. Financial aid and scholarships are available for most of the programs.

The requirements for the Medical Laboratory Sciences program are outlined in the ISU Course Catalog under the Department of Biology. The advisor for this program is Dr. Tami Rees, 812-237-2082, Please contact Dr. Rees if you are interested to learn more about the Medical Laboratory Science program.

Required Biology courses:
101/L 4 credits
102/L 4 credits
241/L 3 credits
374/L 4 credits
380/L 4 credits
408/L 4 credits
Required Chemistry courses:
105/L 4 credits
106/L 4 credits
351/L 4 credits
352/L 4 credits
Required Physics courses:
105/L 4 credits
Required Fourth Year Biology Courses (32 credits):
470C; 471C; 472C; 473C; 474C; 475C; 476C -- 1-10 credit hours each.

To be eligible for these fourth year courses, a student must:

1. Have a minimum grade point average of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale when applying for the clinical year.

2. Gain acceptance into an affiliate hospital program. In general, acceptance is based on academic performance, letters of recommendation, and a personal interview. Each clinical program has an admissions committee that is responsible for decisions regarding acceptance to the program.

Fourth-year students accepted to the medical courses register as full-time ISU students and, upon successful completion of the 12-month program, receive the 32 credit hours that are required for completion of the bachelor of science degree.