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WARNING: This section does NOT always work in Internet Explorer.  We suggest using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari instead if IE. The issue has been reported.
This section will focus on the most popular controls offered in the WYSIWYG shown in the above image. (The word is pronounced Wizzy Wig. We didn't make it up.) This acronym stands for What You See Is What You Get. 
Starting on the top row and working left to right, the 10 controls shown are as follows:
* Source
* Paste as plain text
* Paste from Word
* Add Media
* Table
* Insert Special Character
* Insert Horizontal Line
* Insert Teaser Break
* Remove Format
* Maximize
The 15 controls in the second row working from left to right are as follows:
* Undo
* Redo
* Bold
* Italic
* Underline
* Insert/Remove Numbered List
* Insert/Remove Bulleted List
* Align Left
* Center
* Align Right
* Link
* Unlink
* Paragraph Format
* Formatting Styles
* Create Div Container
If you do NOT see 2 rows of buttons in your WYSIWYG, it is normally caused by one of two reasons.
1. The Text format of the page is not set to Full HTML (Most likely cause).
2. Your access level is not set to allow all of the functions.
To check on if the issue is the text format of the page:
1. Create a new draft of the page.
2. Go to the Text format box located just under the WYSIWYG area.
3. Next to the box titled Text format should be a drop down menu. Set it to Full HTML to see all of the WYSIWYG buttons.
If needed, an image of this is located on the Making Changes To An Existing Page section of this tutorial. The text format box is located in Area 5.