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Survey Options

Qualtrics 16aThe Survey Options link will take you to a page of multiple options you can add to your survey. The two I have used most are under the Survey Protection area. You can select the Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing option that will allow people to only fill out your survey one time. This option is not foolproof since people with the url can use multiple computers or devices to still cheat, but it does provide some basic protection from honest users.

The second one I use is the Survey Expiration. When you check that box, you can enter a start and end date for your survey to be live for users to fill out. You can even set it down to the minute. Once the survey time is up, you can still access it but users will not be able to see it or fill it out any longer.

Once you are done adding any options you want to set up, click on the green Save button on the bottom of the page.

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