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Cyber-Intel Lab

The Indiana State University, School of Criminology and Security Studies new Cyber/Intel Laboratory is furnished with state-of-the-art hardware and software and includes workstations, virtualization machines, and two large Samsung flat panel monitors that display Global threat maps pinpointing virus and malware attacks around the world and which instructors and students can project content to when teaching as well student exercises for computer forensics and other hands-on activities.

The Cyber/Intel lab is used by instructors for teaching in a hands-on approach to help students learn digital forensics, cybersecurity, intelligence and behavioral analysis using the latest tools and technologies. It provides a private cloud environment to perform digital forensics, behavioral analysis, penetration testing and other cybersecurity hands on learning activities  from anywhere in the world.

In addition, the Cyber Lab offers modern infrastructure equipment where students can learn about the latest technologies used in business environments, as well as physical servers that can be used for virtualization.  The servers include unlimited VMs in order to accommodate the online students as well as many classes that are hosted in the lab as well as the many digital forensics and cybersecurity lab exercises.

The Cyber/Intel lab is a closed lab with limited access for faculty and is a single Internet connection separated from the university’s main networks can be disabled when Internet access is not desirable (e.g. when working with malware). The lab also has state of the art security monitoring to record remote access and lab  activity.

Events can be scheduled in the room (e.g., CyberPatriot League) that support the mission of the School of Criminology and Security Studies.