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"High Crimes and Misdemeanors": George W. Bush and the Sins of Abu Ghraib

Professor to examine growth of Islamic extremism in prison

FRONTLINE: The Torture Question: Is torture ever justified?



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Recent Grants and Contracts:

Crimes Committed by Terrorist Groups: Theory, Research and Prevention. National Institute of Justice.

Terrorist Recruitment in American Correctional Institutions: An Exploratory Study of Non-Traditional Faith Groups. National Institute of Justice.


Recent Media Appearances:

The Investigators: Behind the Mask. Court TV

“Nichols Defense: Oklahoma Bombing Was Larger Conspiracy.” NPR, All Things Considered

“Another Oklahoma Bomb Trial, and Still Questions Remain.” Ralph Blumenthal, New York Times (3-16-04)

“America’s Home Grown Terrorists.”

“The Brand.” Expose on the Aryan Brotherhood, New Yorker (2-9-04)


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